5 Note-Taking Methods For College Students That Truly Work

Here are some of the best note-taking methods for students, including Cornell Notes, Bullet Journal, Mind Maps, and Charting Methods, and how to use them in NoteLedge

If you dread taking notes in class because you know you’ll never make sense out of your frantic scrawls later on, this article is for you.

Taking notes is not just an excellent prophylactic against sleeping in front of your teacher.t’s also a tried and true way to make friends and be the smart yet popular student whose school notes everyone wants to borrow.

On a more serious note, knowing how to take notes effectively and efficiently will not onOn a more serious note though, knowing how to take effective notes efficiently will not only improve your retention rates in school but make you a much smarter learner for life. Pair these note-taking methods with NoteLedge, and you’ll smash every learning curve thrown at you!

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6 Apps to Improve Web Research Efficiency

Still struggle with useless information? Here are some Apps help you to get you efficiency back!

Doing research has become an integral part of daily life, not just for students and academics, but also for all professionals. Nowadays, major search engines are packed with online resources and are the main platforms for retrieving information and sharing knowledge. Whether you are preparing for an essay or collecting the latest industry news for your next project, there are many online research tools to help you research efficiently online. Here are our 6 favorite apps! Continue reading “6 Apps to Improve Web Research Efficiency”

Start the New School Year with Markup: a User Story

From remote learning to summer relaxation, students in 2020 are experiencing big changes. For those looking for digital solutions to make the transition into your new school year easier, you’re not alone! We chatted with Krista, who shared how to start the new school year with Markup

There’s more! We would like to treat students and teachers worldwide with a 30-day free trial for our premium annotation tool, Markup Pro, as well as the Creativity365 apps – fill out this form today! 

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Start The 2020’s The S.M.A.R.T. Way!

The 2010’s are in the books, and it’s time to start thinking about how we can make the next decade even more successful than the last one!

A popular goal-setting technique is to set SMART Goals. What are S.M.A.R.T. goals? They are goals that are:

  • Specific–goals should have clear objectives for you and your team to strive for.
  • Measurable–to gauge the success of your team, there should be qualitative metrics.
  • Achievable–goals need to be reasonable, or else they will seem too far-fetched to even be attempted.
  • Relevant–clear, reasonable, and measurable goals mean nothing if they don’t serve to accomplish a specific business objective that will advance you, your team, and your organization.
  • Time-bound–deadlines are crucial because they hold you and your team accountable, and give you a chance to set new goals based on performance.

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If you’re reading this, you probably failed to keep one or more of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019. 

Maybe the goal just wasn’t important enough for you to dedicate time and effort to it every single day. 

Or maybe you didn’t have the right tools to help you stick to your resolutions.

I’m John, Kdan Cloud’s assistant.


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