Accelerate Your Career with the Right Animation Mentor

Effort and commitment are required to reach your animation dreams. While developing your animation skills, you’ll face many challenges and it’s best not to face them alone. With the right mentor, you can overcome obstacles and achieve goals that would be more difficult if you tackled them by yourself.

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6 Apps to Improve Web Research Efficiency

Still struggle with useless information? Here are some Apps help you to get you efficiency back!

Doing research has become an integral part of daily life, not just for students and academics, but also for all professionals. Nowadays, major search engines are online tools packed with online resources and are the main platforms for retrieving information and sharing knowledge. Whether you’re preparing for an essay or collecting the latest industry news for your next project, there are many online research tools to help you research efficiently online. Here are our 6 favorite apps!

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Build an Appealing Website: The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Website Mood Board

Website, user experience, and user interface designers rejoice! Finally, a guide dedicated to creating mood boards for website or app design is here. 

Designing a beautiful website from scratch is not easy; it takes an artist’s eye to piece information, branding, and design elements together in a visually exciting design project. However, while starting from a blank canvas is difficult, designing a mood board is an efficient and easy method for jumpstarting the design process and achieving the dream look for your website. We’ll share how you can take design assets, such as a logo, colors, or fonts, and turn them into design styles that captivate viewers and leave an impact.

Let’s overview what a mood board is and how using one can help you design a website that will stand out.

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15 Best Evernote Alternatives For Note-Taking In 2023

If you’re looking for an Evernote alternative, take a close look at 15 of the best note-taking apps to help you boost your productivity and creativity.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or self-learner, note-taking is essential in your day-to-day activities. The convenience and efficiency of online note-taking have brought many productivity apps to popularity, with the top one being Evernote!

However, more and more users are looking for an alternative because of the rising price and missing features. That’s why we gathered a list of Evernote alternatives for you to explore the note-taking world.

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An Inspiration Board vs a Mood Board — Finding Visual Inspiration and Improving Your Creative Process

What’s the difference between an inspiration board and a mood board, and how can you improve the process of creating either?

Whether you’re working on your next project or simply want to motivate yourself to accomplish something great, starting and navigating the creative process can feel difficult — and oftentimes taxing. That’s where an inspiration board or mood board comes in handy! These tools are an effective way to collect your thoughts and explore your favorite visual inspiration to help you bring your ideas to life. While both of these options are beneficial to your creative process, it’s important to recognize when each of these is best suited for the project you’re working on. 

Read on to learn more about inspiration boards and mood boards, what makes them different and how they can help you streamline the creative process of your next project.

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