Introducing Kdan PDF Converter SDK

Over the past few years, our team has been focused on the continuous advancement of PDF Reader, and we’ve achieved impressive achievements in the process. We have found that over time more and more users have the need to integrate our SDK into their own apps. After an in-depth overview and thorough market research, Kdan is now taking a great leap into the SDK realm.

We are excited to introduce Kdan PDF Converter SDK, a battle-tested product that makes our SDK technology available to everyone. We have drawn on the past trials and errors of other SDK technologies to have been brought to the market. We have learned the positive and negative outcomes that stemmed from our products and designed a product that is ready to conquer your PDFs.

In this article, we present the product features of Kdan Converter SDK, how it can benefit your workflow, and future plans.

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Introducing Kdan PDF SDK

One of our main focuses has always been PDF Reader. With it, we accomplished impressive achievements. We noticed more and more users want to integrate our SDK with their own apps. So, we decided to take a meaningful step into this area.

Now, we introduce to you Kdan PDF SDK, a field-tested product that brings our technology to end users and businesses. We drew on our market’s experience and created a product with professional PDF functionalities.

Keep reading to learn about the features and use cases of Kdan PDF SDK.

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Accelerate Your Career with the Right Animation Mentor

Effort and commitment are required to reach your animation dreams. While developing your animation skills, you’ll face many challenges and it’s best not to face them alone. With the right mentor, you can overcome obstacles and achieve goals that would be more difficult if you tackled them by yourself.

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How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur From Scratch

For many, starting a business may sound like a daunting task that’s impossible to do. However, successful entrepreneurship is possible even as a student or when you’re starting your career. Read on to learn more about entrepreneurship and how you can start your own business from scratch!

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Build an Appealing Website: The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Website Mood Board

Website, user experience, and user interface designers rejoice! Finally, a guide dedicated to creating mood boards for website or app design is here. 

Designing a beautiful website from scratch is not easy; it takes an artist’s eye to piece information, branding, and design elements together in a visually exciting design project. However, while starting from a blank canvas is difficult, designing a mood board is an efficient and easy method for jumpstarting the design process and achieving the dream look for your website. We’ll share how you can take design assets, such as a logo, colors, or fonts, and turn them into design styles that captivate viewers and leave an impact.

Let’s overview what a mood board is and how using one can help you design a website that will stand out.

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