25 Failproof Study Tips For Finals

Coming up on exam season? We’ve all been there.

Studying can be difficult when it comes to final exams. What is the best way to study?And how can studying be made efficient? Some tips, like sleeping at least 7-8 hours the night before an exam, are tested and true — but others, such as incremented studying, can be personal preference. Either way, we’ve listed 25 ideas for proven study techniques and habits for you to consider for this finals season. 

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5 Note-Taking Methods For College Students That Truly Work

If you dread taking notes in class because you know you’ll never make sense of your frantic scrawls later on, this article is for you. 

Taking notes is not just an excellent prophylactic against sleeping in front of your teacher. It’s also a tried and true way to make friends and be the smart yet popular student whose school notes everyone wants to borrow. It can propel you to the top, helping you achieve an effective study session or, if you’re a teacher, boost success for students.

On a more serious note, knowing how to take notes effectively and efficiently will not only improve your retention rates in school but make you a much smarter learner for life. It is likely that you will have access to transcription software or call recording software at work, but you will have to learn manual note-taking in the classroom. Pair these note-taking methods with NoteLedge, and you’ll smash every learning curve thrown at you!

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Level Up Your Reading Experience — Highlight Web Pages, Annotate and Share What Matters

Utilizing proper techniques and advanced solutions for highlighting and annotating when taking notes can help you improve your reading experience.

Taking effective notes is critical to ensure your reading and learning experience are top-tier. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when first looking at a large amount of content. With better strategies in place and the help of advanced solutions, you can quickly take your reading skills to the next level. 

Read on to learn more about improving the note-taking process and the state-of-the-art solutions that can help you read better and smarter

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Note-Taking Methods for College — Best Practices to Optimize the Process

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Taking adequate and efficient notes in college is a key factor in academic success. While the pressures of lectures, homework, essays, and exams can feel overwhelming, implementing strategic note-taking methods helps students break down the material into more retainable and manageable pieces. If you’ve found yourself struggling to take helpful notes during lectures or while reading material, except for hiring professional essay service, here’s everything you need to know to optimize your note-taking process.

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Top 10 Industries in Need of Workplace Mobility

Here are 10 that we think can have higher workplace productivity if they implement workplace mobility strategies

“There’s an app for that.” Apple’s 2009 tagline is even more relevant today. Smartphone usage has risen since then, with over three quarters of Americans reporting that they own one of these hand-held miracles of innovation in a 2017 survey. Consumers are using smartphones to order food, access their financial records, find a ride home, and more. But what about businesses? As smartphones continue to do more, what industries can benefit most from ditching the monitor for a mobile device?

Cloud-based technology like Cloud Contact Center means that a company’s agents can service the clientele regardless of their geographic location without being constrained to a physical office or specialized hardware.

As a global app developer with a focus on workplace efficiency, we found that the most likely beneficiaries of the “BYOD” (bring your own device) trend are industries that get bombarded with paperwork and need more effective document management systems. They also have on-the-job responsibilities that require immediate attention. Here are 10 that we think can have higher workplace productivity if they implement workplace mobility strategies: Continue reading “Top 10 Industries in Need of Workplace Mobility”