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Enhance Productivity and Accuracy Beyond Human

Imagine AI is another employee of yours, but it goes beyond the human. From tedious everyday work to complex end-to-end service, AI can turn the workflow into streamlined automation with extraordinary accuracy and efficiency.

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Save Up Your Operational Cost

Statistics show that businesses waste an average of $20,000 on document issues. With the Kdan document solution, a good amount of cost and time can be saved in the enterprise. Liberating more resources and time the more important matters.

*Source: Aragon Research Tech Spectrum™ For Digital Transaction Management, 2015
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Make Information Processing Like A Dream

Studies state that nearly 80% of enterprise data is unstructured. AI can easily identify the classification and importance of your data, and bring back the order, safety and value to your data.

*Source: The Big (Unstructured) Data Problem, Forbes, 2017

Integrate with Our Leading AI-Powered Document Technologies

Intelligent Data Recognition

Kdan's Smart OCR can capture important messages from any kind of documents, without any complicated pre-setup. Easily extract information with minimum errors, and streamline your workflow with maximum efficiency.

Key Information Processing and Extraction

Apply powerful data processing and filtering technologies to extract key information from long and complex context. The Auto Summary technology allows market intelligence researchers to expand the research width and depth.

Smart Document Tagging and Searching

Building a simple but structured document management system by using AI auto-tagging to add recognizable tags based on the keywords in the files and turn all documents into searchable assets.

Safeguarding Sensitive Data

The AI-infused Auto Redaction technology recognizes confidential data format, and redact all the detected sensitive information automatically to ensure data safety in your business.


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