Level Up Your Reading Experience — Highlight Web Pages, Annotate and Share What Matters

Utilizing proper techniques and advanced solutions for highlighting and annotating when taking notes can help you improve your reading experience.

Document Your Language Learning Process with Write-on Video

Learning a new language by yourself can be challenging and dull. Especially if you are studying textbooks, it is hard to make sure you grasp all the language rules at once as your vocabulary is enhanced simultaneously. Due to the pandemic, many language courses have...

Go Green: Essential Tools for a Paperless Learning Process

Education plays a vital role in teaching learners about sustainability. But it might not be sustainable for environment. We have gathered a set of Kdan Mobile’s professional digital tools that put you at the forefront of the paperless movement. Read more!

How to Learn a Language on Your Own

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? we’ve put together this guide filled with language-learning strategies, tools, and tips to help you navigate the long (but rewarding!) journey of language learning.

Improve Your Daily Microlearning on Podcast & YouTube with Inspod

Join the microlearning trend to make your day more productive. Our new product, Inspod, can improve your learning experience on podcasts and YouTube.

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