5 Note-Taking Methods For College Students That Truly Work

If you dread taking notes in class because you know you’ll never make sense of your frantic scrawls later on, this article is for you. 

Taking notes is not just an excellent prophylactic against sleeping in front of your teacher. It’s also a tried and true way to make friends and be the smart yet popular student whose school notes everyone wants to borrow. It can propel you to the top, helping you achieve an effective study session or, if you’re a teacher, boost success for students.

On a more serious note, knowing how to take notes effectively and efficiently will not only improve your retention rates in school but make you a much smarter learner for life. It is likely that you will have access to transcription software or call recording software at work, but you will have to learn manual note-taking in the classroom. Pair these note-taking methods with NoteLedge, and you’ll smash every learning curve thrown at you!

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6 Apps to Improve Web Research Efficiency

Still struggle with useless information? Here are some Apps help you to get you efficiency back!

Doing research has become an integral part of daily life, not just for students and academics, but also for all professionals. Nowadays, major search engines are online tools packed with online resources and are the main platforms for retrieving information and sharing knowledge. Whether you’re preparing for an essay or collecting the latest industry news for your next project, there are many online research tools to help you research efficiently online. Here are our 6 favorite apps!

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14 Best Productivity Tools For Startups

We’re more than familiar with Startup Culture here at Kdan. We were in the same situation just 10 short years ago! Startups are often seen as risky ventures. They require lots of capital, time, and energy. The good thing is that they also offer great opportunities for growth.

Our passion is helping you and your growing team unleash your creativity while maximizing productivity. If you want to start your own company, you’ll need some basic tools to get things rolling. We’re sharing our picks for the top 14 kinds of tools your business can use to build, grow, and flourish.

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TOP 7 Most Effective Ways to SEO-Optimize an Animated Video to Rank on Google

Do you know that animated video also need SEO? Don’t know what is it or how to start? Read more and become a pro.

Did you know that SEO isn’t only about keywords in articles? It’s so much more – even animated videos are optimized to draw as much attention from your target audiences as possible. But how does video SEO work? Do you have to include the actual keywords in the script to get more views?

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the benefits of video marketing through SEO marketing and present the TOP 7 methods of optimization to increase your video search rank on Google. Animated videos can do more than showcase your brand.

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5 Simple Instagram Followers Tips To Grow Your Audience

Get more Instagram followers in 2021 with these 5 effective but simple tips.

It’s a very exciting time, as most states are beginning to open up just in time for summer. For myself, summer is the time of year where I am most inspired to create, whether it’s capturing photos of gorgeous beach sunsets, baseball games, or the scenes of my neighborhood. Being able to share these posts to not only my friends and family but also to many of my followers who keep up with my content is such a great way to engage and connect with people all over the world. It’s also the time of year where I find myself most active on social media and try to boost my posts more than usual. ­Especially as a store or business on social media, summer is the best time to grow your page to reach a wider audience because this is the time when most people are out of the house looking to explore new things.

Using simple tips like experience sharing, authenticity, and trending hashtags are effective ways to reach your target audience for your business or personal brand. Reading about these tools will have you on your way to creating a real influence on social media. Also, reading about the best Instagram growth services will lead your business to creating a real influence on social media.


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