The Future of Work is Mobile – Here’s Why

During the post-pandemic phase, companies need to reconsider their working form, relatively, recruitment problem. May remote work becomes the new norm or not? Must we embrace a mobile mindset? Read more to find your answer.

As many countries have entered the post-pandemic phase, in theory, it should be easier for businesses to recruit and retain employees. However, in reality, companies are facing strong resistance to returning to offices and having a hard time recruiting new employees. 

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6 Apps to Improve Web Research Efficiency

Still struggle with useless information? Here are some Apps help you to get you efficiency back!

Doing research has become an integral part of daily life, not just for students and academics, but also for all professionals. Nowadays, major search engines are packed with online resources and are the main platforms for retrieving information and sharing knowledge. Whether you are preparing for an essay or collecting the latest industry news for your next project, there are many online research tools to help you research efficiently online. Here are our 6 favorite apps! Continue reading “6 Apps to Improve Web Research Efficiency”

The Best Creative Tools for Back to School Season 2021!

It’s that time of year again! Students and teachers are returning to schools in person, meeting each other for the first time in a while, and learning in physical classrooms again. Even though schools and universities are opening back up, the transition won’t be easy. According to Thesis Geek, Educators tend to find ways to continue the online learning experience that students have gotten used to, in order to ensure a smooth transition. One notable example includes some schools in Denmark keeping half of the students in-person, and half remote.

We want to make your classroom experience great with lifetime access to great tools. For a one-time purchase, we’re offering 30% off on Creativity 365 apps and 50% off on PDF Reader for all students and teachers! Alternatively, you can have the whole Creativity 365 collection for iOS on an annual plan with a 30% off discount. This offer is for a limited time only available from 16th August to 22nd September 2021, don’t miss it!

Read on to learn how you can be creative and productive in the classroom with Creativity 365 & PDF Reader. Scroll to the bottom to find the discount information!

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iAniMagic Winner Interview: Ray – Between Stillness and Action Sequences

We are happy to have Ray for our third iAniMagic 2019 Winner Interview. Ray uses soft and mellow colors in his animations; however, he used burgundy red and black in his iAniMagic entry, Cheers! This interesting video quickly caught the judges’ attention and won the Golden Award in the 8th iAniMagic Animation Competition.
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Kdan Mobile Partners With Sourcenext To Enter Japan’s Largest Mobile App Market

Imagine being able to use your favorite apps, just like you binge-watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix…paying for one monthly membership and getting unlimited access! 

In Japan, that’s exactly how it works!

We’ve just partnered with Sourcenext, the largest independent consumer software provider in Japan, to get PDF Reader for Android included in App Pass by Softbank. Our goal is to continue to help users everywhere maximize their productivity! Continue reading “Kdan Mobile Partners With Sourcenext To Enter Japan’s Largest Mobile App Market”

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