Inside iAniMagic2015 – The Living Light Box

We’re now two weeks into iAniMagic 2015|The Living Light Box and we’re delighted to see how many of you have been asking questions and showing your desire to bring your best to this year’s competition. To those of you that know iAniMagic, this year’s theme should come as an exciting change. For those that have just begun their journey with us, read along, this piece should help shed some light on what you can expect this year.

Inside the Box – Get Inspired

iAniMagic began with the premise of inspiring animators all over the world to bring their imagination to life wherever they might be. With our award winning Animation Desk and the Living Light Box contest, we’re returning to the roots of what made iAniMagic what it is.

Bringing our original concept of creative freedom together with the idea of recreation; we’ve been able to build a competition that has reflected the growing desires of animators. In other words, collaborating and challenging one another to do more with a shared subject. Using various techniques, ideas and collaborative methods, the Living Light Box stimulates the competition we all crave while fostering a better community for animators of all levels.

Our Light Box is shaped like a magician’s box, alluding not only to iAniMagic, but to the magic only your mind can create. It’s no accident that we’ve named our 5th year anniversary the Living Light Box. We’re eagerly awaiting all the ways you’ll bring our little Light Box to Life.

Submitting Your Animation

We cover this more in another blog post, but here’s a quick recap in case you missed it. The first thing you’ll need is a Kdan Cloud account (free!) since the submission platform, AniZone, is hosted on our Kdan Mobile servers. Once you’re set-up, it’s as easy as tap-tap-done! Submissions can be made directly from your mobile app.

Light Box Pro Tip: Share your submission on Facebook and Twitter to increase the number over 100 likes on your video and qualify for our Audience Choice Award!


The Living Light Box – Rules

Anything goes!

… is what we’d like to say, but this year we decided to turn up the difficulty just a notch. You’ll notice that the Living Light Box package is made up of three frames. Your mission: to build an animation in 10 seconds or less using Frame 1 and Frame 3 (see image); everything in the middle is fair game.

Control the number of frames and frames-per-second to create a smooth story that will WOW the judges and other animators. Other than the two rules mentioned above, go wild!


  • Animation must be 10 seconds or less
  • Frames 1 and 3 must begin and end your animation

What are you waiting for? Get sketching now!

Our next blog posts will talk more about tips you can use to create fuller and richer animations. Make sure you subscribe to us in the top-right of this page and Facebook and Twitter to be up-to-date with our most current news.

BONUS: Here’s a fun video to end off this week, good luck!