18 Animation Styles to Bring Your Stories to Life

Want to create animations but you’re not sure where to begin? Check out these fundamental animation styles for inspiration.

Animation is a big industry – and while you may think of animators as the people who work at Disney or Pixar making Oscar-Award-winning films, animators can be found in many different industries using various tools.

Many of the animators working today will have something in common. Animation artists use digital software to help them tell a beautiful story through whichever creative style they pursue. Animation Desk is one of these software tools, designed to be intuitive and accessible to even amateur and aspiring animators looking to start their journey.

To help showcase the various forms of animations, and how digital technologies like – Animation Desk – can assist you with producing them, we have created this guide to discuss 18 different types of animation. By the end, we hope you can identify the distinct animation type you prefer, understand its target audience, and begin producing your own animated works.

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What is 2D Animation & How to Become A 2D Animator?

Do you want to be a skilled 2D animator? Learn more about digital 2D animation and how you can get started today.

Storytelling may be one of the most important human pastimes. As time has passed, we have improved the tools we use to tell these stories, whether it be for entertainment or education. One of the many mediums developed to help us share these stories is animation. While animation now comes in a few different forms, today we want to highlight a particular type: 2D Animation.

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Interview with Sandro Cleuzo Part 2 – Advice on Animation Techniques & Skills

Welcome back for Part 2 of our interview with animator Sandro Cleuzo who has worked in the industry for decades, including at top animation studios like Walt Disney. While he has industry experience, he is a self-taught animator. His art education background stems from personal creative development without the need for expensive art education.

If you want to learn more about his background, read Part 1 of the interview: Interview with Sandro Cleuzo – an Awarded Character Designer and Storyboard Artist

Today, we will discuss questions related to animation techniques and skills, as well as how to develop a strong mindset to succeed in animation. As Sandro’s career shows, you don’t need to have a flashy degree in order to succeed in the animation industry. With perseverance and dedication to your craft, you can also aspire to create the animation films of your dreams.

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Interview with Sandro Cleuzo – an Awarded Character Designer and Storyboard Artist

Animation Desk was created with the goal of providing a handy tool for people of all ages to create their first animation. As this 2D frame animation app has become more popular, we have begun to receive questions about the animation industry, specifically about what animation technical skills are needed and what jobs there are to strive for in the industry.

In response to these questions, we thought it would be a great idea to get in contact with animation professionals with real industry experience to help quench our users’ thirst for knowledge.

This led to us reaching out to Sandro Cleuzo on Instagram. Even as a busy professional animator with tons of experience and prestige under his belt, Sandro graciously took the time to join us for an “Ask Me Anything” session. This interview allowed us to gain more insight into his experience as a character designer, animator, and storyboard artist.

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Animation Desk – Ani Meme Animation Competition

Animation Desk is hosting an all-new competition: create an animation based on your favorite internet meme!

For this challenge, you can use the meme we’ve provided or create an original animation based on your personal favorite meme. A helpful tip to get you started is to pick some key elements from memes you like and create animated stories based on the images. Since this is an animation challenge, we would like to see how you transform a static meme image into a moving animation!

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