iAniMagic 2015: The Living Light Box

Summer is ending and winter is coming up on our heels, but here at Kdan Mobile we’ve got something you can look forward to this upcoming season. As you start to bundle yourselves up in blankets wondering what to do now that you’ve run out of shows to binge-watch on Netflix, remember that while we’ve been focusing this summer on our new set of Cloud Series apps, we haven’t forgotten the most important mobile animation event of the year. You guessed it: iAniMagic 2015.

Keep reading and we’ll give you a couple of hints on what you can expect this year.

Tip 1: Get your Kdan ID now

The first thing you’ll want to do is get your Kdan ID now. By signing up for your Kdan ID you’ll get to enjoy a 90-Day free trial of Kdan Mobile’s All Access Pack. Our Creative Store also has a copious amount of tools that will aid your creative joy.

With your Kdan ID, you’ll gain access to the full animation toolkit that includes all the tools and toys on Animation Desk Cloud. Though great creativity is never limited to tools, a little bounce is never harmful.

Bonus: You’ll also gain full access to tools and premium features on other Kdan Mobile apps such as NoteLedge Cloud and PDF Reader Cloud for free.

Tip 2: Meet Animation Desk Cloud

If you are using iOS devices, make sure to try Animation Desk Cloud. If you’re a long-time user of Animation Desk Premium you might be apprehensive about switching, but believe us; it’s worth it. It has upgraded brushes, rotoscoping capabilities, a bigger canvas, and many other features that are sure to charm you. And, let’s not forget, it’s available for FREE!

So, as promised, here are some hints:

– Be prepared to think outside the box. Literally and figuratively.

Android and Windows users should make sure they’re fully updated.

– Check AniZone’s website regularly. Something new is coming soon.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our Premium Cloud vs. Lite versions. (Click to enlarge the chart)

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