Influence & Inspire with Write-on Video for Mac: A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Video Editor

It’s no secret the world’s favored content of choice is video. With busy schedules and little time to spare people want to be quickly entertained and informed. And what better way to do this than with catchy videos?

Here at Kdan Mobile we started our journey in providing creative solutions on mobile devices but we did not forget the enhanced control one could leverage on a desktop. Write-on Video for Mac encompasses all the greatness in the mobile version plus more that only could be realized in a Mac. Continue reading “Influence & Inspire with Write-on Video for Mac: A Powerful, Easy-To-Use Video Editor”

New Animation Challenge – Take it Easy this Summer

The sun is shining and the summer heat is on! But is the heat getting a bit too much for you? It’s time to unwind and chill! Animation Desk is sipping on a Pina Colada cocktail by the beach and welcoming you to take part in the latest animation challenge – Take it Easy!

Let your creativity and artistic side help you relax and enjoy the summer fun! Based on the theme “Take it Easy”, you are invited to create a 4-6 seconds animation that best describes the scenarios you associate ‘take it easy’ and relaxation with. Whether you are a beach lover who enjoys soaking up the sunshine, or prefer staying in an air-conditioned café with some ice coffee and drawing pencils, let your summer vibes inspire you to make a new animation clip and join this contest on AniZone! Continue reading “New Animation Challenge – Take it Easy this Summer”

The Transition Effects You Will Like and How to Make Them

Let’s talk video. It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly more digitized in everyday life. It’s important to have the ability and the skill to create and edit videos. In this post, we’ll explore the Write-on Video application focusing in particular on the new transitions that you can add to your videos and take them to the next level. Continue reading “The Transition Effects You Will Like and How to Make Them”

How To Take Awesome Pet Photos With Your iPhone

Welcome back to part two of our Photography series, in our previous piece we talked about how to better your iPhone photography skills. At Kdan Mobile, it’s safe to say we’re big fans of animals and know how many people out there have pets of their own that they love dearly. Capturing photos of an unpredictable and moving subject such as a dog, a cat, a horse, or another animal can be sometimes tricky – but don’t worry, that’s where we come in to help! Continue reading “How To Take Awesome Pet Photos With Your iPhone”

#AD4EVER Back to Basics: #Throwback

This week, we want to take the opportunity to look back at some great works from #AD4EVER Back to Basics.

Here are the highlights of some creative and inspiring works solicited from the event. It is rewarding to see how our users leverage from our tutorials and apply the skills to  their own work!  Check our blog if you missed the quick tips that will enhance your animations! Continue reading “#AD4EVER Back to Basics: #Throwback”