Transform Your Life with Time Management

“If only there were more hours in a day,” my friend sighed in yearning.

We have all been here, physically and mentally exhausted by the sheer amount of things we need to do. If only there were robots capable of transforming the information in our brains into organized, precise, time efficient actions. Lucky for us, we already have one if not multiple ‘robots’ capable of transforming into time management superstars, our smart devices. Following are some tips to help you accomplish this.

First Things First: E-Lists

One of the most difficult and fundamental steps to time management success is goal setting and prioritizing. In today’s world, old-fashioned paper and pencil just won’t do. Now you can create an e-list on your smart device. First, list your goals, then reflect on and evaluate them, and finally rearrange in order of priority.

Traditional E-List
E-List with NoteLedge
E-List with NoteLedge

Pro Tip: Take your list organization to another level. Color coordinate tasks to the goal they will help you achieve when you use an app such as NoteLedge.

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Planning

Be productive and put your e-list to good use by planning ahead. Create a daily calendar on your smart device. Productive tools, such as task management software with daily calendars and time blocking apps, allow you to look at days individually, without the frenzy inducing visual of the next month’s or even the next week’s schedule.

Daily Planner

Pro tip: For big projects, space out and schedule preparation task a week or more in advance.

One Second, Let Me Find It: Scanning

Always looking for things? In today’s world of e-statements and online bill pay, papers still seem to pile up, making it easy to lose important documents. Never lose a paper or receipt again. Take your time management a step further and go completely paperless, not only with documents but also with your ecommerce transactions using an ecommerce order management system. Scan everything using a file management app. Apps such as Pocket Scanner allow you to scan and file documents in different folders, add text, create and manage signatures, and more directly from your smart device.

Pro Tip: Convert scanned documents into PDFs for more advanced features such as annotations, watermarking, and faxing.

Hot airballons

Up, Up and Away We Go: Cloud Storage

It can be scary to have all your valuable information, your entire life essentially, on one device. To ensure you never lose another file to device failure again, there is cloud storage. Cloud storage safeguards your files and provides mobile flexibility. Eliminate the risk of information loss and take your work with you wherever you go. With cloud services such as the Kdan Cloud, files are automatically synced to the cloud for backup and access on other devices.

Pro Tip: Save space in your bag, leave the laptop at home. You can open documents and notes directly from any web browser with the cloud.

Jot Down Ideas Quickly on Any Mobile Device: Dash 2

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and found it a worthwhile use of your time. If you found this article motivating, check out the rest of our transformational Creativity 365 series. When you sign up for an annual Creativity 365 subscription between now and July 31st you will also receive a complimentary Adonit Dash 2 stylus. What are you waiting for? Start transforming your life today.