PDF Reader Extends its Features on Universal Windows Platform

Dear users of PDF Reader on Windows, we have got some fantastic news for you!

PDF Reader for Windows has just launched an update with the addition of Windows Ink and Creativity 365. Besides benefiting from the Windows Ink technology, you can take advantage of the improved user interface with all the extended tools and Cloud storage that enables file synchronization as well as data security and encryption. It is possible to achieve a higher level of personal security and privacy by utilizing robust features of data security management. Enjoy streamlining and optimizing your content creation workflow across different devices, be it Windows, Android or iOS.

Special: From now to July 31, 2017, subscribe to the Creativity 365 Annual Plan and receive a free Adonit Dash 2 stylus (worth USD49.99).

PDF READER – Your Essential Tool for PDF Viewing and Editing

The three key features of PDF Reader – keyword search, text highlight, and full support of Kdan Cloud – covers all your reading, editing, and document management needs.

4 Major Advancements to PDF Reader Windows

New Windows Ink Support

PDF Reader joins the Windows Ink Collection and supports Windows Ink Workspace, the optimal solution to interact with your Windows touch screen devices and for digital writing.

The Windows Ink Workspace comes with a digital ruler that you can use to neatly underline sentences on your PDF file or to simply write in a straight line. In a few taps, you get to change the color of your pen to categorize your edits.

Use Windows Ink tool bar for freehand writing and annotation, just like it is on paper!

Synchronization between All Windows Devices

Early this year, Windows introduced the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that runs on any Windows-based device on Windows 10. It is a unified distribution channel that allows you to use all your apps from any Windows device – phones, tablets, or desktops. The latest iteration of PDF Reader running on UWP lets you fully benefit from complete mobility and flexibility, keeping you connected at all times.

Stay Connected with Devices on iOS and Android

Emailing big files to your classmates or colleagues is slowly becoming obsolete. Cloud storage has taken remote file sharing up a notch. Use Kdan Cloud to sync and share your files seamlessly across all your devices.

PDF_Kdan Cloud

PDF Reader with Creativity 365

Creativity 365 brings extended advanced features to its supported Kdan Creative App Series, including PDF Reader on Windows, PDF MarkupPocket ScannerNoteLedgeAnimation Desk, and Write-on Video. Enjoy all the benefits these apps have to offer plus 1TB Kdan Cloud storage when you subscribe to Creativity 365.


If you want to have total work mobility and not worry about your classmates or team using devices on different operating systems, give Creativity 365 a try on Kdan Creative Store today!

We are throwing a free Adonit Dash 2 stylus (worth USD49.99) from now to July 31, 2017 when you subscribe to the Creativity 365 Annual Plan.

Don’t forget to get your own PDF Reader from the Windows Store!

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