Create and organize multimedia content.

Multimadia documentation
Table tools
Web clipper

Essential Brush Tools

Everything you need for writing, sketching, coloring, highlighting, outlining and drawing shapes.

Outline and highlight

Personal Assistant

Add notes to your personal calendar. Manage your schedule and access works with ease.

Add notes to Calendar
File manager

Beta V1.0

Share your creativity and collaborate with your peers without boundaries.


User Story

“Unlike cork-board apps such as Pinterest or Trello, Noteledge allows me to interact with the images on the page to do the things I need to do to get to the point of creating something new.”
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“I use Noteledge to create digital portfolios of my students work. I take pictures of what they've done and type what they have said or discovered. I use these to look back on to see student progress and it helps me when writing report cards and during parent interviews.”
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One Account, Endless Benefits

Boost Your Productivity with Kdan Cloud Services

  • Sync and access files across your devices
  • Create links to files and share them with others
  • Convert notes into popular document formats
  • Read and manage your notes directly from your browser
  • Connect with creatives and download templates from NoteTube
  • Work seamlessly with Kdan’s flagship apps
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