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Scan any document

for easy file management!

Capture all info

with one quick scan

Continuous Scanning Mode

Capture pages and pages of documents and save them into one multi-page PDF

Real-time Edge Detection

Instantly create JPEG scans with state-of-the-art automatic border detection.

Advanced Image Processor for Editing Scans

Optimize the quality of your scans with editing options, such as adjustment of brightness, exposure, contrast, and various filters.

Write Captions & Add Texts to Photos or PDFs

Markup your scanned documents and PDFs with a set of great editing tools.

Batch Processing in PDF Conversion

Convert or rotate multiple scans with a single command.

Fax Document Straight from
Your Mobile Devices

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable fax machine for documents, photos, receipts and other texts.

Feature Overview

Scan QR codes to prompt downloads

Create and manage personal signatures

Make custom stamps by adding texts and images

Email out your scans or documents

Export files to other cloud services

Pocket Scanner x Creativity 365

Unleash your creativity every day with the entire collection of Kdan Creative App Series, premium online services, and 1TB cloud storage.

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Scan Everything, Miss Nothing.

Designed for efficient document management.

Advanced PDF Editing Tool

PDF Markup

Annotate, edit, and share documents easily with one of the world's most popular PDF reader apps.