The Best Technique award for iAniMagic Animation Contest 2017 has been awarded to Yingzi Zhuo for her impressive animation, Door, which depicts the difficulties we encounter door-after-door throughout life. Zhuo is an enthusiastic student from Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design at Fuzhou University, China, with a strong passion for animation. Her attentiveness to detail is shown in her award-winning piece, which has led to her well-deserved Best Technique award. Join us in discovering Zhuo’s method to success!

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iAniMagic 2017 Winner Story – Aastalim, Honorable Mention & Student Award Winner

Lin Xiaoman (林曉曼), also known as Aastalim, is the 2017 recipient of both an Honorable Mention and a Student award in iAniMagic 2017 with her submitted animation, Pick Yourself Up . Lin’s work is traditionally stylized with eye-catching colors and visuals, but in this competition, she chose to present the characters’ movements with minimalist black and white. Let’s learn more about her experience creating this work and some useful animation tips! Continue reading “iAniMagic 2017 Winner Story – Aastalim, Honorable Mention & Student Award Winner”

iAniMagic 2017 Winner Story – Ian Chung, the Jury Award Winner

We have had the pleasure to interview Ian Chung (鍾侑軒), the Jury Award winner of iAniMagic 2017, to learn more about his journey in the animation world. After graduating from National Tainan University of Arts, he started working as Storyboard artist and 2D FX Artist in an animation studio. Previously he was involved in the production of various Taiwanese animation films and TV series. His award-winning piece Future is considered to be a ‘stylish’ and ‘fun’ piece that has caught attention around the world.

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Read on for our conversation with Ian:

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New Animation Challenge – Take it Easy this Summer

The sun is shining and the summer heat is on! But is the heat getting a bit too much for you? It’s time to unwind and chill! Animation Desk is sipping on a Pina Colada cocktail by the beach and welcoming you to take part in the latest animation challenge – Take it Easy!

Let your creativity and artistic side help you relax and enjoy the summer fun! Based on the theme “Take it Easy”, you are invited to create a 4-6 seconds animation that best describes the scenarios you associate ‘take it easy’ and relaxation with. Whether you are a beach lover who enjoys soaking up the sunshine, or prefer staying in an air-conditioned café with some ice coffee and drawing pencils, let your summer vibes inspire you to make a new animation clip and join this contest on AniZone! Continue reading “New Animation Challenge – Take it Easy this Summer”

iAniMagic 2017 Winner Announcement!

Today is the day many of you have been waiting for! We are finally announcing the winner of iAniMagic 2017! A big thank you goes to you all who participated! We have received nearly 300 entries on AniZone and the competition was fierce! Besides winning the prizes and recognition, this year’s winning animations will be also played at the Fu Zheng Animation & Story Gallery in Taiwan!

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