New Animation Challenge – Take it Easy this Summer

Take-it-Easy Animation Challenge , Animation Desk

The sun is shining and the summer heat is on! But is the heat getting a bit too much for you? It’s time to unwind and chill! Animation Desk is sipping on a Pina Colada cocktail by the beach and welcoming you to take part in the latest animation challenge – Take it Easy!

Let your creativity and artistic side help you relax and enjoy the summer fun! Based on the theme “Take it Easy”, you are invited to create a 4-6 seconds animation that best describes the scenarios you associate ‘take it easy’ and relaxation with. Whether you are a beach lover who enjoys soaking up the sunshine, or prefer staying in an air-conditioned café with some ice coffee and drawing pencils, let your summer vibes inspire you to make a new animation clip and join this contest on AniZone!

Take it Easy Animation Challenge. Animation Desk


  • Create a 4-6 seconds animation with the Take it Easy theme using Animation Desk
  • Add the hashtag #takeiteasy
  • Upload it onto AniZone and wait for the results!

You will be judged by the animation’s storyline and your creativity. So bring in elements of surprises and fun!


  • The contest opens for entries on June 15, 2018 and closes July 6, 2018 (all entries must be received by 11:59 pm GMT -5).
  • Animation clip must be 4-6 seconds long and created on Animation Desk.
  • It must be related to the Take it Easy theme.
  • Submissions are only accepted via AniZone.
  • NO offensive, sexual, violent and discriminating content please!


Jury Awards: The judges will evaluate the animations and select 3 winners according to the best content and visual effects.

Popular Awards: The top 3 animations with the most comments on the Facebook page will win this.

The 6 above winners will each receive a USD 50 Amazon gift card and 6-month free access to Creativity 365! The gift card can be issued in the winners’ local currency and the amount equivalent to USD 50 will be exchanged on 30 June, 2018.

Audience Contribution Awards: The top 6 audiences, who commented on the entries the most, will be picked to win this award. Their prizes include Adonit Mini Styli, Animation Desk Ultimate promo codes, and Kdan T-shirt. The more comments you leave, the higher your chance of winning this!

Each entry will only win one award at a time.


Submission start: 15 June 2018

Submission deadline: 6 July 2018 (by 11:59 pm GMT -5)

Judging period: 15 June – 6 July 2018

Winner announcement: 20 July 2018 on Animation Desk’s Facebook page. Winners will also be notified via email

Any question? Contact us via the Facebook event page or drop us an email.


Take it Easy Animation Challenge, Animation Desk

Remarks: Kdan Mobile reserves the rights to make any changes to the details of the contest. Under unusual circumstances, Kdan Mobile may postpone or cancel the contest. All participants and entries will be treated and judged fairly.

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