Advanced Storytelling tips for Animators


With just over a week until the end of iAniMagic 2015 | The Living Light Box, it’s time to get into the hard work of getting your audience to fall in love with your story. There are a number of techniques and skills you can use to your advantage, but making them all come together is easier said than done. With that, here are some final tips to spur you on in these final days!

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Judge Profile – Stephen Egts and Storytelling for Success


Welcome to Part 2/2 of our Judge Profiles! We have the pleasure of introducing Stephen Egts today. With tons of experience in the worlds animation and storytelling, he has a unique perspective in what it takes to make a great narrative. Keep reading to learn about him, his animation style and what he’s looking for in iAniMagic 2015 | The Living Light Box!

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Judge Profile – Jenna Calvao and the Disney Insider Tips

One of the judges for this year’s iAniMagic| The Living Light Box competition is Jenna Calvao. We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Jenna and speaking with her to find out what her expectations are for this year’s contest. In order to help you make the most of the time you have left this month, we’re releasing a small snippet to give you some insight into the inner workings of one this year’s judges. Keep reading to see what makes Jenna so awesome and what her number 1 criteria is for creating a truly magical Light Box.

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Let NoteLedge Spice Up Your School Life

The autumn term for schools and universities is now well underway. As winter slowly creeps in, the warmth and energy from the summer will soon fade away. Workload is starting to build up and school life is getting more stressful. But there is no reason to have a negative attitude; there are so many ways to keep your spirits up! You can make your school life more interesting and organized with NoteLedge. So get some inspiration from the designs below!

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