Design Research in Kdan Mobile

Good design is the key to any high quality app and services. At Kdan Mobile, we take broad design research approaches to create excellent user experience. In this series of posts, we will reveal the research tasks behind the app development process. We will explore topics that span from basic concepts of design research, research methods, and UX delivery.

Building Amazing User Experience

A positive user experience does not come naturally, it’s the result of long-term observation and careful research. Before going into the research methods, we break down the mobile app development process into 4 stages- Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.

#1 Discover: Market Research

The purpose is to discover market trends and develop a deeper understanding of the target users. For examples, we would gather information to study the motivation behind certain user behaviors, how the users socialize with friends, and their everyday routines. Resources such as research studies, technical reports, or survey results from focus groups would often shed light on how we could enhance user experience with our design.


#2 Define: Needs and Contexts

Our ultimate goal is to distinguish the market gap in which the users would need our service. We will cover those methods and techniques that we use to identify our niches in the coming posts.

#3 Develop: Lean UX

The lean UX design allows designers to bring up the ideas faster. A lean UX design is a cycle that encompasses the three elements: Build, Measure and Learn. Some simple sketches and pictures can keep the team in sync at the early stage of the app development process.


#4 Delivery: Launch and Feedback

The first goal is to get the MVP (minimal viable product) launched. A MVP, though not highly satisfactory, would help the developer gather feedback on the product’s functions, reliability, usability, and general user experience.

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To sum up, good design research is based on a thorough marketing research and the understanding to the target users. Subscribe to our blog to see more posts related to the design-centered product development methodologies.

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