EduTech Asia: Creating an Effective Classroom Environment

Kdan Team at EduTech Asia

EduTech Asia, in Manila, Philippines was truly a learning experience for all. We were able to meet some amazing people, learn about the needs of their education system, and talk with educators to strategize how the Creativity 365 apps can be used to create a more impactful learning experience.

Throughout the event, our Creativity 365 Education package was the biggest attraction as we took 50% off the original price for all educators/administrators (Original $59.99 USD), giving the full package for only $29.99 USD for an entire year!

Kdan’s mission and goal

Our goal for this event was to gain a deeper understanding of the needs that educators in the Philippines have. From here, we can make sure the apps we offer are tailored to the needs of educators and help them create a more effective learning experience.

DSC04543Education technology in Philippines

Technology use in education is an inescapable trend. In 2015, the number of elementary and middle schools that used tablets jumped to 78%, from being at only 66% the year before. This does not even take into account the students who already use their personal smart device in the classroom. With this rapid growth in technology use, we made it our goal to help educators who are using mobile devices to their full potential.

What we learned

After hearing from thousands of educators during EduTech Asia, we identified some key points of frustration with integrating technology into the classroom:

    • Most educators found it difficult to adopt new technology, which was not only hard for them to learn how to use, but even harder to teach to their students.
    • Many weren’t able to find technology that actually solved their problems; instead, they would just be bombarded with fancy gadgets.
    • The schools’ funding made it difficult to purchase new equipment or software for their classroom.

Adopting new technology into your classroom can be very intimidating. Not only do you have to learn how to use this technology yourself, but you also have to trust that this will actually help your students and make your lessons more effective.

DSC04555With new technology entering the education market every year, it can be hard for teachers to commit to a system before knowing how effective the proposed solution really is. We made sure to explain that they do not have to make a long-term commitment to us. Instead, we offer a variety of commitment-free options to let educators evaluate our different applications:

    • They can go on any App store (Apple, Google Play, and Windows Store) and download all of our apps for free to try them out.
    • Educators can then upgrade to the apps and explore the premium features. With this upgrade you can also start a free 7-day trial to test out the full C365 Education package.
    • Finally, our Creativity 365 Education package has a 14-day trial option that enables teachers to set up their own admin account, use premium features with all the apps, and assign up to four other users to get an idea of what the group collaboration dynamic would look like.

This is the best deal that we offer, and really made these educators excited. The Creativity 365 Education package includes all of our C365 apps, with all of the premium features available. It allows you to have an admin account and assign and manage licenses with the Admin Center, whether that be for you team, faculty, or students. This also, gives you access to our Kdan Cloud, allowing you to save your files to the cloud, access files across all devices and operating systems, and easily share this information with your class.

This package is priced at $59.99 USD for the entire year, which is a great deal. However, we really want to look out for our educators, which is why we will take 50% off the original price for all educators/administrators, giving you the full package for only $29.99 USD which covers the full year!

To learn more about our Creativity 365 Education package, and all that we have to offer, click here to visit our Creative Store.