Note-taking: To Digital, or not to Digital


In our evolving digital age, many students swear by taking lecture notes on laptop or tablets, while others stick to the old-fashioned pen and paper. Some argue that though the digital note- taking takes a bit of getting used to, technology has advanced the level of convenience and productivity.

Traditional note-taking allows for quick and easy creation of diagrams, charts, sketches and mind maps, all important visual aids for enhanced learning. Studies also show that students are less likely to retain information when using laptops for different uses, especially for note-taking, as they usually copy teacher’s words without thinking much about the context. On the other hand, those who take notes by hand are forced to paraphrase words to keep up with professor’s speech, thus they arguably digest the information better.  So the question comes down to: can we take it to mean that traditional note-taking is more effective? Not quite. Going digital is the clear winner for the sake of staying organized. Typing is obviously faster and documents are searchable, shareable, accessible everywhere and less likely to get lost. Diving into the digital world also helps save space, time and be environmentally friendly.  If laptops and tablets are not used as a replacement for active thought but as an aid to the traditional method, the possibilities for digital note-taking are endless. Let’s talk about the app you need to make it all happen as you wish: EleEditor.

If Evernote is your holy grail then EleEditor will take your note-taking experience to the next level. EleEditor will do just the right thing to compromise between digital and traditional note-taking. Want to quickly sketch out graphs and equations from math classes? Grab your stylus and use EleEditor to easily move from typing to handwriting in one single note.


Clip-and-Drop, Easy as 1-2-3
Get quickly prepped for any test with your iPad and EleEditor. Soon you will have your notes organized within no time. EleEditor allow you to collect all information from the Internet with the simple clip-and-drop function.

Digitize your Notes
Take snapshots of key definitions from textbooks, import image of professor’s writing from the blackboard, and write your own brief notes on EleEditor. You can even copy and paste information from Wikipedia directly from the built-in web browser into your note. Save and tag with keywords, and you’ll be able to find your notes within seconds. All notes will be saved with a preview image (thumbnail) for you to easily identify.

Beef up your Evernote Works
Turn massive Evernote data in to beautiful and organized EleEditor notes. You can freely arrange the note layout according to different note-taking methos and enhance the study efficiency. Back them up to Dropbox or Google Drive and have instant access to your notes anywhere, anytime.

Getting organized and managing your time effectively is the key to success!  Good luck with the exams!