Can Our Smart Devices and Applications Make Us Healthier?

running Brooklyn bridge

Modern-day technology has led to important advances in the smart devices we use daily. It’s amazing to think about how these devices have shaped us. In honor of World Health Day, we want to talk about how smart devices can help us all lead healthier lives.  Who doesn’t want to become healthier?

Do what you love
Get outside, be active, and don’t forget to do what you love.

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

When we focus on leading a life with a healthy diet and staying active, we are positioning ourselves to automatically feel better and hopefully live a longer life. In this day and age, we put so much emphasis on it, that it’s become a huge trend in our society.

Let’s get personal. I like to think I lead a healthy lifestyle when it comes to getting out and being active. I’ve recently been super into going to Pure Barre (one of the hardest full body workouts ever!), cycling classes, and hot yoga. I use my phone to find local classes and sign up for them.

Fenway Park Spartan Race
Coming to the finish at the Fenway Park Spartan Race this past November

I also love running when it’s nice out. I use the Nike Running App to help track the my progress of my runs and stay motivated by competing with my friends.

To me, fitness and health is something that is important. I focus on being active every day. Working out goes hand in hand for me with my mental health. I always feel my spirits being lifted after a good sweat.

running shoes
For me, getting out the door is the hardest thing to do. Once I’m outside, I’m motivated and can’t wait to start working out.

Using Applications:

There are so many unique applications that have workout guides you can use. If you ever need an application – look no further than the App Store. We promise that there will be something for you, whether you’re into yoga, running, or weightlifting.

You can use applications to stay productive and keep track of your fitness journey. It may be helpful for you to find healthy diet recipes online to share with your friends. You can markup important parts of them before you send them, highlighting the most important points in the article. If you are someone who enjoys tracking your progress, you can take notes, or start a virtual journal of your workouts. If you’re someone who likes to share your workouts, create a video blog of your fitness path. And if you are an iPhone user, it makes it even easier.

Health diet with MyMarkups
Be more informed about healthy diet or fitness tips with online sources

Like many people, I can’t go many places without my iPhone, which isn’t an entirely terrible thing. It certainly seems as if Apple, in collaboration with medical software development companies, is trying to gear its users into focusing on a healthier lifestyle with the built-in health application. Everything there is streamlined in one place, making it easier to access your health data and make any changes you want in reaching a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy, Fit, Happy

Being healthy and attentive to your fitness is something that is important to maintain. Do you have any tips on how to remain healthy that weren’t mentioned in this post? Be sure to share with us how you lead a healthy lifestyle.

It’s time to get out there! If you don’t know how to begin, look no further than your smart devices and let them motivate you. Good luck!