2018 in Review: A Year of Growth

2018 has been a historic year for Kdan Mobile, filled with growth and adventure. Reaching several milestones, we have added new product features and apps, and our team has grown in terms of size and locations. We are so excited to share how our vision for creating a mobile workplace has reached so many people and is continuing to grow and change the way individuals and businesses leverage their productivity.

Important numbers

In 2018, we opened 3 new offices, reached 4.5 million Kdan members, and raised $5 million in Series A funding!

On top of that, 4 new products have been launched, including Write-on Video for Mac, PDF SDK, Creativity 365 Teacher & Student offer, and the Document 365 Startup plan.

Also, since Kdan’s subscription services launched in 2015, we’ve seen 25 times of subscription revenue growth.

How we have grown

We have added three new locations that the Kdan team now calls home, and an entirely new space has been created for our company headquarters in Tainan, Taiwan. With another new office in Changsha, China, we added our 3rd office in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei.

Along with the expansion of our offices, we have added 25 new members to the Kdan team.

Kdan's 2018 new members

Throughout the year, we were recognized by multiple news and media sources. One of them being the interview our CEO, Kenny Su, had with TechCrunch.

CEO Kenny Su shared Kdan's experience at the MeetTaipei annual meeting,.
CEO Kenny Su shared Kdan’s experience at the MeetTaipei annual meeting.

“We are working to be the next unicorn (valued at over $1 billion).” – Kenny Su

4 new product launches helped bring workplace mobility to even more industries:

  • Write-on Video for Mac allows Apple users to effectively edit videos.
  • The Creativity 365 Teacher & Students offer allows Creativity 365 apps to enhance learning in the classroom and allow students to work on  projects from anywhere with their mobile phone or tablet.
  • Document 365 Startup plan is an exciting way for startups to manage their documents and efficiently run their business.
  • PDF Software Development Kit helps software developers add some of our PDF Reader’s functionality to their own creations.

Where WE have been

We have been traveling all over! From attending events, conferences, and conventions, the Kdan team has been sharing our services around the world. Here are some of the key events that we have been a part of this year:

  • Attended Google AI forum (March)
  • The Kdan Team shared Life as a Startup at NCKU (April)
  • Sponsored NCKU AI forum 2018 (May)
  • Sponsored MIX 2018 (May)
  • Joined and sponsored 2018 HR Vision Conference in Taipei (June)
  • Attended WWDC 2018 (June)
  • Attended Microsoft Dev Insider in Taipei (June)
  • Joined APEC O2O Summit in Kaohsiung (July)
  • Joined RISE Conference in Hong Kong (July)
  • Joined and sponsored MWC Americas in Los Angeles (September)
  • Joined AWS Transformation Day Startup Corner in Taipei (October)
  • Joined Meet Taipei event (November)
  • Attended Google Cloud Summit workshop in Taipei (December)

We have also been traveling the world digitally, with our reviews and awards online:

Following an exciting 2018, the Kdan team topped things off with an end-of-the-year company trip to Thailand for a little R&R.

Let’s Keep Rolling with the Great Team!

2018 was an incredible year for Kdan Mobile. We are concluding this year with many lessons learned, connections made, and goals accomplished. Our passion for creating value for our users and providing excellent services continues to motivate us. Looking ahead to 2019, we are staying committed to our mission of building a mobile workplace for a better future!

Kdan's 2018 at a Glance