How to Edit Text in PDF: 5 Best Mobile and Desktop Solutions

Top 3 Ways to Edit Text in PDF Files Efficiently

Discover the top 5 ways to edit text in PDF files. Explore mobile and desktop solutions for seamless PDF editing. Enhance your document workflow today.


The Portable Document Format, or PDF, is well known for its features and advantages, particularly when you have various business requirements. But what if you made a typo or entered the business provisions incorrectly before submitting your contract to your client? The option to edit the text in PDF files may be able to save you if you ever experience this situation. This article will outline the top five methods on how to edit the text in PDF files and the best PDF text editor options.

One advantage of PDF files is the ability to retain their layout when accessed from any device. Thanks to this convenience of PDF technology, you can edit PDF files whenever you need to. However, you must be familiar with the various operating systems on your device to edit the text in PDF files. Before presenting the PDF file to your client’s table, we’ll demonstrate the five best ways to alter it, including replacing the words, adding the texts you missed, and using various other editing text features on a desktop or mobile app.

Let us show you how to edit text in PDF files seamlessly in three practical ways. Let’s begin!

The 5 Best Ways to Edit Text in PDF Files: Explore the Effective Methods

Looking for alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for advanced editing features and seamless text modification in PDF files? When choosing the right editing software or online PDF editor, it’s important to consider specific criteria that meet your needs. Look for a solution that provides a comprehensive set of editing features designed specifically for the PDF format. Ensure the software offers advanced editing capabilities to modify text effortlessly while preserving the integrity of the original file. By selecting a high-quality editing software that meets these criteria, you can enhance your PDF editing workflow, unlock advanced features, and achieve professional-level results with ease.

Edit PDF text on Android

When you work across different devices, you should be free to edit the text in PDF files on a desktop or a mobile device using Kdan PDF Reader. The highly PDF-productive software is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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1. How to Edit Text in PDF Files Using an Android Device (For Android)

Master the art of editing text in PDF documents on your Android device and unlock its full potential. Since the PDF format is commonly used for sharing information, it’s essential to know how to correct text when needed. With PDF Reader, you can easily learn and apply the necessary techniques to edit text in PDF documents right from your Android device. Empower yourself to make seamless text corrections and optimize your PDF content with convenience and efficiency. 

How to Edit Text PDF Android

Follow the steps and use the “text editing mode” on PDF Reader for Android. Text can be inserted at the current cursor location in the document:

Step 1. Open the PDF Reader and click “Text Edit” on the bottom menu options to enter the text editing mode.

Step 2. PDF Reader will automatically detect editable areas within the PDF.

Step 3. Click on the place you would like to edit. You can enter or delete texts.

Step 4. In text editing mode, select the text you want to change, the text size or color. Click either “Font Size” or “Font Color” button from the format list to make changes.

2. How to Edit Text in PDF Files on iPhone or iPad (for iOS) 

Discover how to effortlessly edit text in PDF files on your iPhone and iPad. PDF documents are widely used for their versatility and compatibility, but sometimes you may need to make text modifications on the go. With simple instructions and the right PDF editing tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to make precise text edits and enhance your PDF documents with ease. Get ready to unlock the power of PDF editing on your iPhone and iPad using PDF Reader.

How to Edit Text PDF iOS

Step 1: Open the PDF Reader and click “Text Edit” on the bottom menu options to enter the text editing mode.

Step 2: PDF Reader will automatically detect editable areas within the PDF. Click on the place you would like to edit to add or delete texts.

Step 3: In text editing mode, select the text you want to change the text size or color. Click either “Font Size” or “Font Color” button from the format menu to make changes.

3. How to Edit Text in PDF Files on Mac and Windows Devices


You can edit your PDF file on any device with Kdan PDF Reader on Windows and Mac devices. The desktop version of this PDF editing software has features that run the gamut – from reading-friendly PDF mode to sign, edit, security, conversion, and many more. You can rely on the edit tools to perform any task regarding your PDF file, save it, and mail it to whomever you want.

1. Open a PDF and click “Edit” from the menu bar

2. Then click “Edit Text” to switch to the text editing mode.

3. PDF Reader recognizes editable blocks of text within PDF documents. To edit a text area, move your cursor over the area you want to edit and click it. Then you can add or delete the existing text using your keyboard.

4. Click “Save as” to exit the editing mode. All edits you made will be saved to a new copy, and you can choose a destination to save the file.

4. How to Edit Text in PDF Files Using Microsoft Word (For Windows)

If you are a Microsoft user and sitting with your desktop or laptop opening the PDF file and utterly clueless about how you can add or change a few words inside your file, learn the process here. Microsoft Word allows you to make the necessary changes whenever you feel it’s essential. Before starting to proceed, make sure you save the PDF document in your system storage, and you can open it in a Word file.

How to Edit Text in PDF Files?

Do these steps carefully:

Step 1: Visit File on the menu bar > Open

Step 2: Locate the PDF and open it ( If it’s not pointed quickly, select Browse, then find the file in your folder)

Step 3: Here, you’ll get a command to make a copy of the PDF and convert it into Word-friendly format. Click on the OK button to follow the instructions.

Step 4: Now, your PDF is ready to edit. You can make necessary changes and save it as a Word document or PDF. Select which one you prefer from the Save menu and click on the Save as an option in the dropdown menu, then proceed with the OK button.

Note: You might not get the perfect page-to-page access as the conversion may break the lines and pages of the file. Further, if your manuscript includes the book’s chapters or pages, it cannot be formatted well in Word. Hence, you cannot perform the edit task.

5. How to Edit Text in PDF Files with Mac Preview (For Mac)

Unlike Windows users, Mac users can edit text in PDF files. Thanks to Mac technology, you can have Preview, an in-built Mac app that allows you to edit your PDF files anytime you want. If you wish to make a few changes here and there in your PDF file before submitting it to your client, you can follow the below steps. It’s simple and easy.

In the Preview app, there are different steps to annotate, add signatures, or add images in PDF. We will show you tutorials for editing PDF documents on Mac Preview accordingly.

Follow the instructions carefully:

Step 1: Upload the PDF file by visiting Preview through the Finder or Docking station. Click on the icon and add your PDF file by dragging and dropping.

Step 2: Open the file to make the necessary changes. You can copy the text after tapping on your document and selecting Text. For example, if you want to move the copied text to Clipboard, click on “CTRL + Click.”

Step 3: Start Editing with the “T” button in the Preview app you need to drag the pointer to the correct area on your PDF file, create a text box, and select the “A” button to enable the font options

Step 4: Annotate your PDF file by clicking on the “Notes” button to create annotations. Tap on the area you want the notes to appear to add annotations. You can drag the mouse and make the necessary annotations.

To maximize it, tap on the Annotations. Click on the View within the Preview window to view the notes you’ve added.

Step 5: Select Images and Objects through the Tools menu; under it again, the text selection option enables you to select images and objects in your PDF file.

Step 6: Add a signature to your PDF file by tapping on the Signature from the Toolbar and selecting “Create Signature.” You can do your signature on plain paper and place it in front of your device camera. Now Shift it and put the sign at its proper place on the screen, then click Accept. Your signature is ready.

Step 7: Save all the Changes by clicking on the Export option to save the document. You can further save your desired format and location of the file you’ve edited.

Choose the Best PDF Editor App to Edit PDF Files

When it comes to editing PDF files for various purposes, choosing the best PDF editor app is essential. Look for an app that offers comprehensive editing functions to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro or a reliable online PDF editor, finding the right editing program is crucial. A high-quality editing tool will empower you to make precise edits, modify text, and enhance the overall appearance of your PDF files. Here are three key factors you should look into when choosing the best PDF editing software: 

1. Editing purposes:  

When selecting a PDF Reader, consider your specific editing purposes. Look for a reader that offers robust text and image editing capabilities. Ensure that the software allows you to easily edit and manipulate text, adjust image sizes, and work with separate images within the PDF document. Additionally, consider if the PDF Reader provides an e-signing mode, allowing you to conveniently add electronic signatures to your files. 

2. File conversion:

In addition to editing capabilities, file conversion capacities are another important criterion to consider when choosing a PDF Reader. Ensure that the PDF Reader offers accurate and reliable file conversion, preserving the integrity of the original file. Whether you need to convert a paper document into a PDF format or transform PDFs into other file formats, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, the PDF Reader should provide seamless and precise conversions.

3. File sharing and security:

When evaluating PDF Readers, consider their file-sharing and security features. Look for a reader that offers seamless integration with cloud storage services, allowing you to conveniently store and access your files. Ensure that the PDF Reader provides options for password protection to safeguard sensitive documents. Additionally, check if the reader allows easy export of files in various formats for efficient sharing. File transfer encryption is another crucial aspect to consider, ensuring that your shared files are securely transmitted. 

Why is Kdan PDF Reader the Best Option?

Kdan PDF Reader offers an extensive range of editing capabilities that you can take advantage of in any situation when you need a reliable PDF tool. The array of features enables many benefits, including:

  • You can annotate your PDF file by marking the text and adding comments.
  • You can edit the text in PDF files by adding, removing, or replacing the text without exporting the doc to Microsoft.
  • Reduce your PDF file size with PDF Compressor without losing quality but saving storage on your device.
  • You can insert a PDF stamp in your PDF file and double your credibility among your clients. You can also customize the stamp with text or images to promote your brand through your PDF document.
  • You can rearrange your PDF pages with the help of a PDF page editor. You can opt for the drag-and-drop option as well.
  • Secure your PDF files with the PDF Encryption feature. You can remove passwords or security settings from PDFs when the purpose is solved.
  • Merge several PDF files and make them into one to save the storage and organize your work as well.
  • A wide range of PDF conversions is available, including one format to PDF or vice versa. You can convert your PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PPT files.
  • You can change the PDF background color as per your eye strength to read the file comfortably.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Kdan PDF Reader is the solution for your modern PDF needs. Above all, the software is reliable and compatible with different operating systems, ensuring a smooth PDF workflow at your organization. Install the software and utilize its benefits to smoothen the PDF workflow at your end.

To Sum Up

The PDF format is the most reliable in the modern professional world because of its layout, encryption option, and many other advantages. It’s simple to access, and any device can use it to view your PDF file. Kdan PDF Reader software is a very intuitive experience. Now, you can edit text whenever you need to in PDF files and jumpstart your own professional growth.

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