Say Bon Voyage with NoteLedge

Countries are preparing to rebuild their tourism industries as COVID-19 curves flatten around the world. That means travel is going back to normal — well for some of us and the travel and tourism industry, at least. Planning an overseas holiday was already stressful enough without the added challenge of navigating a global pandemic. Now we have to worry about where we will be allowed to fly, what we will be allowed to do, and what additional precautions we will have to take in order to stay healthy and safe during our vacation

Tools like NoteLedge can help you organize this information and prepare for your trip! We compiled some unique ways to plan your next holiday with digital travel notes. Want to try out for yourself? Download NoteLedge for FREE today and get started planning your post-quarantine holiday!

Map Out Your Own Australian Road Trip on your very own travel map


Mapping out where you want to visit is a crucial part of any road trip — especially in a country as big as Australia! While traditional maps are great for tracking time and distance between destinations, they lack the creative process behind planning a trip. You can easily insert web-clipped maps and plot out each destination point to create the perfect road trip with NoteLedge. Then you can simply drag and drop your favorite photos of Sydney, Melbourne, or the Great Barrier Reef and – voila! You have the perfect Aussie road trip! 

Have the best time in taiwan and Learn Chinese to Get Around the night markets


你會說中文嗎? Taiwan is one of the most underrated countries in Asia and there is so much to do — and what better way to experience its culture than with a little Traditional Chinese? Let’s say you have a trip planned to Taipei in a few months and you want to start practicing how to say hello, order food at a night market, or ask for directions. NoteLedge offers an audio recording feature that allows you to record your own voice so that you can hear yourself and keep practicing over and over again. 

Plan the Perfect Greece Itinerary in your digital travel notes


Building a reasonable itinerary in a city like Athens can be overwhelming. There are too many must-see museums, cafes and historical sites that it may be hard to do on pen and paper. NoteLedge offers the luxury of a simple and organized template that makes for the easiest hour-by-hour planner.

Unleash Your Inner Foodie in Japan and seek out the best sushi in Tokyo


Let’s face it: everyone has probably raised an eyebrow when they hear about a really unique type of Japanese food. Japan’s cuisine attracts millions from around the world every year. From sushi to gyoza, donburi to ramen, and everything in between – there’s a guilty food pleasure out there for everyone. Create a mood board to plan out which Japanese foods you want to try on your next trip to Tokyo and get as creative as you can.

Create The Ultimate Packing List for the queenstown weather in New Zealand


It’s no secret that New Zealand has a ton of great activities and sights. From warm, sunny beaches to snow capped mountains, there is SO much to do — and so much to pack for. Whether you need beachwear or clothing for the snow, you can make the ultimate packing checklist for your trip with NoteLedge. Make sure to highlight important items you might need such as your passport or a power adapter.

We Wish You Safe Travels

No matter where you go, we at Kdan Mobile wish you a fun and safe journey.  Don’t forget to download NoteLedge and plan your trip today!