How To Highlight Text In PDF Files?

Read PDFs with all of the best annotation tools. Highlight in any color, with any text, right on the PDF document.


Highlight the World. No Ink Required.

You've loved highlighting since you were a child, with its ability to make any text easier to read. It's easy to bring out all of the most important parts of your documents and readings with PDF Reader. Highlight to your heart's content, in a variety of colors, and never run out of ink! Rest assured that your annotations are all saved in the cloud, backed up, and ready to share with the world.



How to Highlight Text in PDF Documents on Mac

PDF Reader lets you quickly identify the important parts of the text-heavy PDFs with highlights.

  1. Open a PDF in PDF Reader
  2. You will see the annotation toolbar on top, and you can customize the layout of the tools by right-clicking on the toolbar section.


  1. Simply click on the Highlighter to start highlighting


  1. Hold down your cursor and drag it over the target text to mark the text you want to include. Then the text you select will be highlighted immediately.


  1. You can change settings of the annotation object from the properties pane on the right side of the screen.


  1. To delete the markup, right-click on the annotation object and choose Delete to remove it from the PDF.


Be Bright & Colorful, Wherever You Are.

At home, work, or class, your content always benefits from a new layer of bright, colorful highlighter. No ink required.

Brighten up Reading at Home

You might want to read books, articles, or websites at home, and save them as PDF Documents. Don't hesitate to break out the old highlighter and mark away. Save your first impressions by quickly highlighting the sections you want to pay attention to. Don't worry about ink, you have a variety of natural, beautiful colors at your disposal, and you can never run out. Splurge with color. Don't let your reading material stay plain for long. Contribute your character and bring out the parts that really matter with highlighting that's as colorful as you are. Once you've personalized your PDFs to your delight, save them securely on Kdan Cloud, and rest assured that your annotations are backed up safe. You can even import any of your favorite file types right into PDF Reader and start highlighting away on them.

Highlighting at home is useful, as a primary component of critical reading, and helps you to find the important phrases, words to look up, and quotes to use later on. Your highlights are usually the first impression of a document. If you read several times, the highlighted portions tell you what to focus on. Later, you can read through the same documents quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort. PDF Reader's highlighting and annotation tools are here to help.

Show Coworkers What Matters

Your coworkers time is valuable. With more tasks to complete now than ever before, work can be a stressful place to try to accomplish tasks. Save tons of time and energy by focusing your boss, subordinates, and colleagues on the points that really matter in PDF documents.

Don't just send them reading material and expect them to understand and see everything. Highlight and ensure that the best, most important parts of any document are brought to the forefront to the readers. And, because annotation tools are synchronized to the cloud, you can collaborate in real-time with other peers who take notes on the documents. Notes, Highlights, and Edits are saved in the Kdan Cloud, ready to synchronize and share with anyone throughout the world. Your PDFs are still clean and pristine. Don't worry about making hundreds of marks on your PDF documents. You can easily clear them and view a clean PDF, if you need to present or make a copy for your colleagues or clients.

Write on any document. Your highlights aren't just restricted to PDFs. Import virtually any document type into PDF Reader to obtain highlighting capability right away. From .odf to .jpg, you can highlight on just about anything, even scanned documents from your phone. Convenience, speed, and efficiency is what matters, and Kdan's PDF Reader is here for you.

Pro Students Love Highlights

It's no surprise that the true power-users for highlighting are students. High school and college students seldom use paper documents anymore. It's much faster and easier to exchange digital documents, cloud files, and even extending to textbooks and reading material.

With Kdan PDF Reader's best-in-class reading functions like dark mode and full screen mode, students love reading PDFs and other document types. When it comes time add notes or mark up the document, students don't need to leave into another app. Highlight right within PDF Reader, and use a variety of natural, bright colors. Your highlights will be saved in the PDF Reader app and in the cloud, so you can access them from any synchronized device, and even collaborate in real time with your peers.

Use color-coding to separate your highlights from other readers, and quickly sort through highlights in the navigator pane to review later at super speed. When you're highlighting, time is of the essence, so we've made the experience as seamless and high-performance as possible. You'll experience a natural look and feel, and be able to effortlessly add color to any of your documents. You're not limited to PDFs either. Import basically any document into PDF Reader and begin annotating away, and see how great it is to have all of your highlights, annotations, and bookmarks in one place.


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