How to Password Protect a PDF

Keep your PDFs as safe as possible with Password Protection. Trusted by many to keep sensitive files private and secure.


More Safe, More Secure, More Protected

That's what your documents will be when you use PDF Reader. If you need to add passwords to your files, PDF Reader makes it easy and convenient. Require a login when opening PDF documents, and protect valuable information from unauthorized views. PDF Reader is designed from the ground-up to work with password-secured PDFs, so that cutting-edge security becomes second nature for you and your team.



How to Add Passwords to PDF Documents on Mac

Whether you’re a working professional or student, PDF Reader helps you protect PDF documents at all stages of the workflow using password protection.

  1. Open a PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Security icon on the upper toolbar


  1. Choose Set Passwords from the pop-up menu, and you’ll be brought to a window where you can select the encryption settings


  1. Select the output folder where you want to save the newly-encrypted PDF file. You may also add more files to encrypt PDFs in batch by clicking on Add Files


  1. Depending on how secure you want to encrypt the PDF, you can add a password to it to prevent the content from being viewed, copied, and printed


  1. Then press the Encrypt button to start encryption
  2. The new password-protected PDF will be saved in the output folder

More Open Than Ever, But Not Less Secure

PDF Reader has become a vital tool in today's workplace, but it doesn't stop at reading documents. It can do much more.

Breach-Proof Your Business

Financial documents at your business can be copied from computer to computer, without restriction. If your business has a no-USB drive requirement in-place, chances are it's followed, most of the time. The majority of breaches happen on accident, when employees share files by email or without realizing who is CC'd.

By password protecting documents by default, only the authorized viewers will be able to see them. Even if sent accidentally, the PDF documents in your organization will be protected, and information within will not be readable by prying eyes. Every company needs the extra security of password protection with their financial documents. Send legal documents to clients, or send sensitive quotes or price lists without worrying that they can be read by unauthorized parties. Your passwords will remain intact even if the PDF document is copied from one person to another.

Passwords enable such a critical level of security, PDF Reader makes it easy to include throughout your company in any business process. Keep trade secrets, confidential documents, and files protected by privacy rules under lock and key. Your clients will be impressed by your commitment you their data, and to put security as a first priority.

Safeguard Your Identity

More people are using personal applications to save their financial data on their home computers. Software is advancing dramatically, and over the last several years, users have been discovering the power of apps for management of personal documents.

On mobile devices, users can keep spreadsheets, budgets, and even contracts for home. With this convenience and power of applications comes a critical factor: security. Whenever making apps easier, developers need to consider security, and users must always keep in mind that their data must be preserved somehow.

With PDF Reader, users have a variety of choices for the securing of their personal data and documents. Choose to password protect your documents, and rest assured that even if they are copied accidentally and shared, they will remain safe. Adding a password to a PDF secures the PDF so that it can not be opened. PDF reading software such as Adobe Reader recognizes that there is a password, and will not allow users to view if the correct password is not entered. This added level of security is essential for the preserving of your financial documents, tax reports, or even contracts. Kdan knows that if more people are given easy tools for security, they will use them and make breaches and leaks of financial data less common.

Protect your Schoolwork

With the advent of online e-learning, more people are students than ever before in history. Students are constantly producing high-quality, original work, alongside large numbers of their peers. How can students work together and collaborate, while still producing original, creative works which aren't similar to the works of others? This is a fundamental concept in security that must be considered. Students have a strong, practical need to keep their work original and un-viewed by others until the time comes for peer review.

With password protect for PDF documents, students can understand intuitively that their work hasn't been edited or seen by anyone else until it's time to turn the work in. Students can share the password-protected work in group file upload locations, on flash drives, or on shared network storage locations. Students can send their documents in emails and messages to their peers, professors, and more. All the while, they can have an added layer of assurance.

Only those people who are intended to view can view, and only those that should edit can edit. What if your precious work is shared with the class? Instead of needing to re-do it, generating again original work, make it password protected. When it's shared, it's still blocked and protected from prying eyes, and only viewable by the people you want.


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