How To Add Hyperlinks To PDF Documents? Learn how to add hyperlinks to PDF documents.

Enrich documents with references and links. Allow readers to see the bigger picture. It's easy to add links anywhere.


Ever Versatile, Links Are For Everyone.

Your PDF expository writing can link directly to any sources you want. PDF organizing documents can link to websites and pages. Large PDFs can link to themselves, with tables of contents and section references, which precisely allow readers to jump around. There's no limit to how much you can enrichen your PDF documents, and more. Import nearly any document, and add links to it with PDF reader.



How to Add Hyperlink to PDFs on Mac

By adding links to PDF documents, it helps you to offer more details and information on specific items. PDF Reader provides 3 link actions for you to easily connect with related information.

  1. Open the PDF in PDF Reader
  2. Click the Hyperlink tool from the toolbar


  1. Drag a rectangle where you want to place a hyperlink to the selected area within the page


  1. You will see a dialogue box with 3 link actions, including Page, URL, and Email.
  2. To jump to a specific page, simply enter a page number


  1. To open a web page, choose URL and enter the URL to the destination page


  1. To send an email, enter the email address that you would like to send emails to


  1. Then click OK and the area will be set in which the link is active

Your Documents: Rich, Elegant, Vibrant.

Add links to nearly any of your documents. Convert plain old boring old files to new PDFs. Then, make them interactive.

Let The Facts Speak For Themselves.

"Persuade your readers with facts and research, by including references and links to the material. Your message is much more concrete when the audience can quickly see the relevant facts and supporting evidence for your claims. This can be an ever useful tool for professionals from students to journalists, and in many industries.

For each reference, allow readers to quickly view the source material, by creating interactive hyperlinks for each footnote. Links can also be used to navigate your work. If you have large essays, persuasive theses, or booklets, your table of content can provide links to the exact location you want to link to. When you refer to a section or a quote somewhere else in your writing, a section link can allow readers to instantly jump to that location, and follow along much more clearly.

You can even include links to email addresses, so people can contact you or others as required, to learn more about your writing's topic. Make your research, articles, and other documents interactive, by simply adding a link to anything. Your engagement will increase, and you will eliminate professors or critics asking about the evidence; it will be included right in your PDF. "

Sell With Style And Vibrance

In sales and marketing, the market is constantly evolving. Others are using digital tools to make it easier than ever for people to buy the products they want, when they want them. Make beautiful brochures and catalogues, but then make them digital. A PDF can be just a scanned version of a paper document, or it can be much more. Add email links to for customers to contact you right from your PDF document. Link to the interactive tours of your products, right from the photo in your brochure. Link to the customer payment portal right from the PDF invoice. Make purchasing easier for your clients, with PDF Reader. Hyperlinks are a necessary part of making PDF documents interactive, and creating engagement with your customers. It's been proven that increasing interaction and engagement increases the likelihood of sales. Gone are the days when customers would have to call, and relay a long model number to order exactly what they want to buy. Use hyperlinks in your PDF documents and get the best of both worlds: get the flexibility, versatility, and beauty of PDF documents, with all of your best designs, and get the interactivity of the web.

Organized, Short, And Sweet.

"When your documents are shorter, they are easier to understand, and foster engagement better than long, drawn out stories. There is a place and time for long-form writing, but it's not always in your PDF documents. Let's say you need to insert a document into a PDF. It can be done, but sometimes it can be distracting from the main content. Try linking instead.

By making a hyperlink out to your referenced document, you can make your document more concise, more visually appealing, and easier to understand. In almost any scenario, it's recommended by professionals to make your writing concise. When you have a fixed amount of space and the reader has a fixed amount of time, how do you make your document still contain yet more information and usefulness. The answer could be hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks can be applied to images, text, or to basically anything else, allowing the ultimate in organization and creativity. You can link to web pages or even to somewhere else in the same document. The limitations are endless, so your documents don't have to be. Start now, and see how organized, short but sweet your PDFs can be."


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