How To Annotate A PDF?

Highlight important areas for coworkers and team. Make reading, taking notes and studying all better with annotation.


Write Out Loud, Your Way With Annotation

There's a PDF document, but you want readers to see it with your perspective. Add notes, comments, suggestions, and clearly sketch out your vision with easy-to-use annotation. Persuade your classmates. Edit your colleague's work. Use different colors and brush styles to separate your notes from others. Annotation is personalization, and PDF Reader has the tools for you to make any PDF your own.



How to Annotate PDF Documents on Mac

PDF Reader lets you make PDF annotations, including highlights, underlines, strikethroughs, handwritten notes, and more.

  1. Open a PDF in PDF Reader
  2. You will see the annotation toolbar on top, and you can customize the layout of the tools by right-clicking on the toolbar section


  1. To highlight text content, simply click on the Highlighter to turn on the feature


  1. Drag over the text to highlight it. Then click the highlighter tool again to turn it off
  2. You can change settings of the annotation object from the properties pane on the right side of the screen


  1. To delete the markup, right-click on the annotation object and choose Delete to remove it from the PDF


Advancing Learning, At Work, Or At Home

Our advanced e-annotation accelerates digital learning programs, high-tech paperless offices, and even leisure at home.

In Class, Digital Is Essential

Teachers and students accelerate their progress with digitization of education. With PDF Reader's Annotation, teachers can assign tasks with a couple swipes, and students can write their homework right on the lectures. Speakers can show their PDF presentations to the class with subtle or intense handwritten emphasis or jot down notes, which are shared to the entire class after the presentation.

When the students practice peer review, the digital annotation environment allows custom, expressive shorthand, and preserves each student's notes in a different color. Without mini booklets of paper to pass around, each student can work on his or her own device, increasing productivity and efficiency. And the classroom can come with you. Teachers can grade anywhere, any time, and assign tasks from any document. Students can use their desktop, laptop, phone or tablet to view presentations, assignments, or add their own flair. With paper and the ink that never run out, the creative possibilities are endless. As a teacher or administrator, your students will stay engaged and appreciate your commitment to doing your part for the environment. And when the next field trip comes along, parents can sign consent forms right within the app, on the highlighted line.

Paperless = Maximum Efficiency

As a manager or business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency with your employees. You'll do your part to save the environment, after all, no trees are used with digital documents. But you'll achieve even more by migrating over your annotation tasks to PDF Reader. Open Powerpoint presentations and refine your co-worker's decks before the next big presentation.

No more printing and drawing with a red marker. You can draw, add comments, highlight and strike text, and more, to get your point across clearly. Pick a different pen color to be a little more subtle, or go with the neon yellow marker to be bold. It's up to you. Organize your cubicle by going paperless. It's easy to prepare polished PDF documents, with comments, highlights, or hand-drawn text. Write using your mouse or on your phone or tablet. It has never been easier to switch to a 100 percent digital workflow. You can strikeout parts you don't want to keep, underline the great quotes that definitely must stay, and highlight to bring attention to what matters. And if you just want to read, drag the opacity slider down and see your document without distractions.

Organize Home Life, Digitally

Digital PDFs are all about making your document life more enjoyable and organized. You can use some of that efficiency that's so useful at work at home too. Check off chores on a digital refrigerator, doodle all over your shopping lists, or go to town with the highlighter on your favorite book, all without wasting a single drop of ink. Save your own copy of any PDF document, and enjoy PDF Reader's best-in-class compatibility with 3rd party file types, like excel spreadsheets, web pages, or epubs, and write all over them to your delight.

Got some last minute BBQ supplies to pick up, but your significant other already left for the store? Just make some quick changes to your shared, annotated shopping list, and they'll be none the wiser. Or, you're one of those people that loves to write in the margins of every novel in the house, draw on magazine covers, or circle important news articles. No worries, you can highlight, underline, strikeout, draw, and comment to your heart's content with PDF Reader. When paper is limitless and there's no messy highlighter to burst and ruin your day, creativity can abound freely. Discover how enjoyable annotation can be.


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