Harness the Power of Data with Kdan Table Spreadsheet Software

Simplify your data analysis and reporting with Kdan Table's intuitive spreadsheets and reporting features. Analyze sales data, create invoice templates, and work with your data more efficiently than ever.


Maximize the Data Potential

Kdan Table empowers users to make data-driven decisions by organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Unlock insights and drive better business results efficiently.


Boost Your Data Management Efficiency

With Kdan Table's smart spreadsheet features, you can streamline data management and improve productivity. Instantly filter data to aid accurate decision-making. Swap cells with shortcuts to organize your data efficiently.


Input Formulas Effortlessly with Enhanced UI

With the ability to expand the formula bar and enter line breaks, you can easily input complex formulas. Kdan Table's intuitive interface makes it simple to input and edit formulas for accurate data analysis.


Create Professional Reports and Tables

Whether you're creating reports, purchase orders, or invoices, Kdan Table makes it easy to create polished page layouts. Use the ruler to adjust margins and spacing and preview print area in real time. With Kdan Table's headings and formatting tools, you can create professional-looking documents easily.

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Kdan Office includes the suite of Windows desktop apps.

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