Kdan is 10 years old!

There were less than a thousand apps on App Store when we launched our first app, PDF Reader for iPhone...now there are over 2 millions!

This is what we learned through our journey from an app developer to a SaaS company.


Community Matters.

Looking back to the past 10 years, we are especially grateful for you, our users, who continue to push and encourage us.

Thank you for making history with us!


A Strong Network is Key for Growth.

Collaboration is a big part of growing a business. We are grateful for those who helped along the way and glad to offer help to other businesses.


All Success Lies in One Thing and One Thing Only -- Fantastic Teamwork.

In our case, great team work took us from a small team of three to a global company with offices in Taiwan, China, and the USA.


Be Snacking, be Creative, be Jolly.

Healthy snacking generates good energy and fosters creativity--that's why we have a pantry full of snacks replenish our creative juices! Our mascot, Jolly, is the symbol of this combination and even lives in our pantry!


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