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Integrate with Kdan PDF SDK library to enable PDF viewing, editing, signing, annotating, and more in your own applications for mobile, desktop, and web.


Developing with the #1 Mobile PDF Solution

Kdan PDF SDK extends your app's features with a set of professional PDF capabilities on smartphones and tablets.

Complete PDF API

We offer a variety of flexible kit plans. Developers can start with our demo version and select the plan that meets their needs.

Stable Viewer Engine

Kdan's PDF viewer engine has been perfected by 10 years of innovation and experience. We introduce regular updates to ensure the stablity of your apps.

Easy to Integrate

The PDF SDK easily integrates within your app using our SDK documentation and gives you more time to focus on designing your app.

Cross-Platform SDK

No matter what platform you integrate with, our PDF SDK helps developers build powerful apps that can view, edit, and annotate PDFs.

Unparalled Developer Experience

Create great apps regardless of your team's preferred language. Kdan PDF SDK works with mainstream programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, and C#.

Fully Customizable

Developers can design unique user experiences with fully customizable UI source code or use the default built-in Ul elements directly for your apps.

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The Most Comprehensive PDF Features

Kdan's PDF SDK has all the functionality you need. Developers can leverage the power of PDF SDK advantages in your applications.

PDF Viewer
Kdan PDF SDK offers a powerful PDF viewing engine that can render large PDF documents in less time.
Text Search & Selection
The PDF library supports text search in PDF documents. The library enables text selection to copy words, phrases, and the paragraphs to your clipboard.
PDF Annotations
Highlight text, handwrite, add notes to PDFs, and more. Mark up PDF documents in your applications equipped with our annotation tools. Your annotations will be compatible with any PDF software.
PDF Forms
Complete both fillable and non-interactive forms. The PDF library lets users insert handwritten signatures directly into a form when working on invoices, contracts, tax declarations, and more.
PDF Signature
Whether you need to apply multiple signatures to PDFs or request a signature from your client, the PDF library accelerates your daily tasks by giving your applications the power to sign PDFs effortlessly.
Page Editor
Embed page editing tools in your applications to split, rotate, rearrange, extract, append, or remove PDF pages easily.
Watermark PDFs with customized text and images for document security. Different watermarks can be added to a single file, and every page can have multiple watermarks.
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Seamless Integration with Kdan PDF SDK

Kdan PDF SDK is easy to integrate into your app, only requiring a few lines of code.System Requirements

Viewing a PDF
Creating an annotation
NSString* pdfPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"tiger" ofType:@"pdf"];

// (Auto Layout is fully supported as well)
// (Split View is fully supported as well, Only iPad, Turn Multitasking features on)

KMPDFViewController *pdfViewCtrl = [[KMPDFViewController alloc]
[self.navigationController pushViewController:pdfViewCtrl animated:YES];

Powered by Kdan PDF SDK


ibon is designed for connecting ibon cloud printing service. With Kdan PDF SDK integration, the ibon app enables users to preview files before they upload files to ibon cloud. Then they can go to any 7-11 store to print the documents without spending time checking files when using the actual machine.

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO)

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) is an administrative agency responsible for IP policy formulation, IP laws drafting, and inter-agency enforcement coordination. TIPO integrates Kdan's PDF SDK with their intranet document system where the employees can review and edit PDF documents for patent applications, including invention, utility model, and design patents.


DottedSign is a cloud-based e-sign service. Integrated with Kdan PDF SDK, its iOS and Android apps allow users to facilitate PDF viewing and editing functionalities. Users can add signatures, text and stamps onto PDF documents right from their smart devices.


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