How to Edit Text in PDF Documents

Replace, edit, add, or delete text directly in PDFs without converting them back to the original file format.


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You can directly insert text content at the current cursor location in the PDF via keyboard input using the text-editing tool. While many applications will let you work with your PDFs, PDF Reader lets you make text changes no matter where you are.


How to Edit Text in PDFs on Mac

Editing text content inside PDFs is as easy as working in Microsoft Word processor and other software.

Add and Remove Text:


Open the PDF and click Edit Text in the toolbar to switch to the text editing mode.


Or click on the Tool menu from the top menu bar and select the Edit Text option.


Place the cursor on where you want to insert or delete existing text.


Add, delete, or replace the existing text by pressing the backspace button on your keyboard.


Click Save to exit the editing mode.


Select File > Save or File > Save As to save the edited file. You can also convert the PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document if you prefer to edit in Microsoft Office.


Change Text Size & Color:


Open the PDF and switch to the text editing mode.


Drag the cursor over the text you want to modify to select it.


Right-click on the selected text and choose Font Size or Text Color from the right-click menu.


Then set up the font size or color for the selected content.

The text-editing function may be restricted if the documents are protected with security permissions, created from scanned images, or made with text characters not included in the English language.

3 Simple Ways We Can Edit Text in PDF Files

There are many cases today where you need to make changes in PDFs. With the text-editing tool, you can easily make last-minute updates without reopening the source files or converting them to the original file format.


Correct Mistakes

Imagine you are going to give a presentation or have a job interview in 5 mins, it could be something as simple as fixing a typo in your resume or updating your portfolio with relevant information.


Update Contracts

If you constantly work with contracts, agreements, or other documents, you can easily edit the terms and content directly with the text editing tools without spending time recreating a new document.


Review Invoice

As a salesperson, you have to deal with lots of purchase orders and invoices. The text editor gives you the ability to instantly replace the numbers in documents by adding or removing a couple of zeros before sending them to your clients.

Apart from the text editor, you also can convert them back to the original file format as an alternative method. For more examples on how to use the editing tools in PDF Reader, check out the pro tips here.


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