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2D animation software for beginners; available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Platforms!


Why Animation Desk for Your Class?


The art of animation starts from observing the physical world. It's the art of observation and imagination. With Animation Desk, students can get exposed to easy, hand-drawn animation on their phones or tablets. The app also offers features that can allow students to showcase their stories and share their works easily.

Animation Software for Beginners and Beyond


Animation Maker on Phones and Tablets

Start creating animation with a tablet or phone, a stylus, or a finger! Animation Desk is designed for mobile device users. Students can start their projects on the go.


A Friendly App for All

Animation Desk is an application loved by users of all ages and backgrounds. The app is designed to be practical and straightforward. Instead of spending time on figuring out complex interface, choose Animation Desk and spend more time on the creative work.


Make GIF, Cartoon Video, and More

There are a bunch of tools to aid you in creating your animation in Animation Desk. Students and teachers can also layer animations on videos or images to create a cool effect. The app supports export formats such as video, images, GIF, Photoshop PSD, PDF, and ad.package.

Share and Publish


Kdan Cloud

Your subscription plan comes with extra Kdan Cloud storage. Back up or share the editable animation files via Kdan Cloud. Manage and preview the submitted animations on Kdan Cloud web.

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AniZone is a friendly animation sharing platform. Students can create their portfolio and follow other creators.

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User Stories


Associazione Avisco Children's Hospital

Staff representative

“Animation Desk is a very intuitive application. In just 5 minutes, the kids understood how it works and could achieve satisfactory results using the basic tools. Then, step by step, they discovered the most advanced functions and became more and more competent


Tin Yi


This was the first time that I created an animation short on my own...Generally speaking, I think Animation Desk is a great software for beginners.


Pei Yu


This was the first time that I used Animation Desk. Now, I use Animation Desk to practice animation or doing sketches for my class assignments.

Subscription Plans

Get full access to Animation Desk iOS, Android, and Windows 10, plus, access to other apps in the Kdan Creativity 365 series.

  • Free Trial Available in the app

  • Access to Animation Desk across different operation systems

  • Access to Creativity 365 app series, including NoteLedge, Write-on Video, and Markup across different devices

  • 1 TB Kdan Cloud storage

Get full access to Animation Desk for Windows

  • Comprehensive drawing tools, 46+ brushes, 5 eraser patterns, smudge, color filling

  • Customize brushes and screentones

  • Texts and captions

  • Perspective rulers and grids

  • Opacity onion skin and color-coded onion skin

  • Color palette generator and color scheme manager

  • Audio editor for voiceover and background music

  • 500 GB Kdan Cloud storage

Enjoy all the fun in Animation Desk on iOS Devices

  • Comprehensive drawing tools, 46+ brushes, 5 eraser patterns, smudge, color filling

  • Create animations on iPhone and iPhone and iPad.

  • Layer animation effect on your photos and videos

  • Add and manage color palettes for characters and scenes

  • Opacity onion skin and color-coded onion skin

  • Save animations as PDF and Photoshop files

  • Save animations in an editable format

  • 500 GB Kdan Cloud storage