If you’re reading this, you probably failed to keep one or more of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019. 

Maybe the goal just wasn’t important enough for you to dedicate time and effort to it every single day. 

Or maybe you didn’t have the right tools to help you stick to your resolutions.

I’m John, Kdan Cloud’s assistant.

And whatever your situation is, I’m here to help you set, and tick off your resolutions with the most satisfying “Just-Did-It” swoosh ever (scroll to the end and find out how you can win a free 1-year subscription for Document 365 or Creativity 365). 

Here’s the low-down on what you should do in 2020 ESPECIALLY if you broke your resolutions for 2019:

Bring Out Your Inner Leader

Everyone is a leader at some point. 


Yes, even if you’ve never managed a team before. Think about that one time when you were out with your friends (as usual, nobody could decide where to eat), so you piped up and suggested, “Let’s go to X restaurant and look at their menu.”

Believe it or not, that’s leadership. You cut through the endless hand-wringing over what to eat with a simple course of action. 

Leadership is not about holding a fancy title. It’s about how you bring your disparate team together to achieve a common goal all whilst facing a multitude of difficult choices (Read Measure What Matters if OKR goal-setting is your priority for 2020). 

Great leaders have an organized mind (I’ve seen a lot of managers fall flat on this one trait). As your Kdan Cloud assistant, here are some of my favorite features that I use to organize files and documents:

  • I streamline how I request files from my team so that my documentation is not a disorganized mess 
  • And if I have a ton of data stored on Dropbox and Google Drive (but dread wading into the chaos of folders), Kdan Cloud makes it easy to sync up and organize them in just a few clicks 

Never Stop Learning

Life never stops teaching, so why stop learning?


Discovering new things and always keeping a curious mind is the secret to staving off boredom and burnout, whether it’s at work or play. If you resolve to jump on the online learning bandwagon in 2020, you’re in for a treat. 

Netflix streams educational shows like Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, The Mind Explained, and Abstract: The Art of Design. Meanwhile, established players like Udemy and Coursera are continuously adding on to their course offerings, so your inner learning addict will never go hungry. 

And the most efficient way to soak up all that knowledge this new year?

Store every teachable moment by taking copious notes. That way you have all your observations on hand to review and digest at your own pace.


Taking notes on your device anytime inspiration hits you is a breeze with NoteLedge. The best part is you can review and make sense out of all those spontaneous notes on your mobile device while on the bus or subway. And with Markup, it’s never been easier to highlight important takeaways and sync them across all your devices so they’re always accessible whenever you need them.

Make Time for Friends and Family

We’re all social animals here. We’re all drawn to seek connections with other humans – yes, even if you consider yourself an extreme introvert.


Spending time with your friends and family, or that special someone, lets you have fun, pleasure, a sense of security, and support – all of which factor into maintaining good physical and emotional health.

The thing is, most of us fail to make time for friends and family because we don’t savor the moments nearly enough to say, “This was fun. Let’s do this AGAIN!”

So if you resolve this new year to spend quality time with the people important to you, I suggest capturing every moment while it lasts, and saving it for posterity. You can record and edit videos of your family outings or adventures with friends like a pro with Write-on Video/ Then be sure to save and share them with loved ones on Kdan Cloud (there’s a whopping 1TB of storage available for all subscribers!).

PARENTS – Want to develop your kids’ inner creative streak whilst spending one on one time with them? Why not co-create an enter the wonderful world of short, colorful animations with Animation Desk? It’s a fantastic way to foster their abilities to express themselves whilst nurturing your relationship with them, using a dynamic medium that literally moves. 

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution for 2020?

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought if you’re setting your New Year resolutions for 2020. Spend some time alone – or with a loved one – and get those resolutions down on a notepad. 

Then, share them with me in the comments below! 

Each resolution enters a lucky draw (I’ll be picking 5 winning resolutions). 5 lucky winners will receive a free 1-year trial for either Document 365 or Creativity 365 (you get to choose!)