Say Hello to the New Markup Extension!

An exciting app is now updated! With Markup Chrome and Edge extension, users can now utilize all the amazing features as before with a sleeker user experience!

We are beyond excited to announce the release of our newly-updated Markup Chrome and Edge extension! Markup users can now utilize all the amazing features as before with a sleeker user experience. Some new changes include:

  • New design: the theme is now Markup’s brand color, a feisty red-orange!
  • Better reading experience: the new Markup extension has the Auto Summary and article-saving features built in.

New updates are so exciting! Let’s dig a bit more into what the new Markup extension update offers.

New Design, New Experience

Goodbyes are hard, but this one has a happy ending! 

Markup now has an all-new look. This new design revamp has bid adieu to the previous teal-green color in favor of a feisty red-orange, Markup’s brand theme color. The extension app matches Markup’s overall image, including the website! Not only that, this new design integrates a clean and minimal style with the same toolkit as before (and even more functionalities). This new layout can help users navigate from extension to web app seamlessly.

Read and highlight with Markup!

New Features Connect Your Reading Habits

The new Markup Extension has even more advanced features available to streamline your reading experience on websites.

Quickly Get to the Core of the Content

The signature Markup Auto Summary feature is now available for use on the Markup extension! 

Auto Summary is an AI-integrated reading tool that has the ability to extract key points from large files or texts. With AI, your reading experience can be smoother than ever. Markup automatically identifies and extracts important pieces of information from websites that you read, saving time and increasing focus. 

Markup also analyzes the annotated content of web pages, automatically categorizing them according to specific attributes, and recommends relevant articles based on users’ reading preferences. Auto Summary on the Markup extension not only maximizes your learning efficiency but also allows you to collect and manage your ideas all in one place. This means you can use Auto Summary without switching to other devices!

Bookmark Web Pages in One Click

The previous version of the Markup extension required users to highlight text in a webpage or file in order to save the page to “My Markups.” The Markup Team recognized this inconvenience and has since improved the article-saving function.

With this new update, you can simply click the “Save to My Markups” button, and any webpage of your choice will be saved in Markup for future reading. This function is especially useful when collecting many articles and websites for research. We love hearing users’ feedback to help us iterate and make the best possible user experience!

Share with Your Circles – Faster than Ever!

Do you love to share articles with your classmates, friends, or family? Previously, it was easy to include annotations or highlights by accident if your highlights were not meant for public view.

However, with this newly-updated Markup extension, you can choose whether or not to include highlights when you share a webpage or article. We hope you enjoy this new feature and share your readings with those around you! Sharing content and articles is a great way to communicate with others in a casual setting as well as in an academic one.

So, the new Markup update: what do you think? Auto Summary, saving articles without highlighting, new colors, content sharing… We love it all!

If you like the sound of it too, check out the Markup Extension available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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