Take It Easy Award Winners

Take it easy animation challenge AniZone

Alright Kdanimators, the Take It Easy animation challenge is finally over!

Time to stop slaving away on your animations and finally take it easy for real (pun most intended). We know it’s been a long, tough ride for many of you as you squeezed out your 6-second magnum opus, but we hope that Animation Desk made the messy creative process smoother, and easier for you.
That is in fact, why we created the app in the first place! Because we’re creative too, and we understand just how difficult it can be to create something absolutely stunning – on time.

So from one creative to another, we at Kdan Mobile would just like to say…

Thank you. You are the reason we’ll continue to Create, Mash and Inspire.

Now before you get all teary-eyed, it’s time to kick back, relax, and read on as we unveil the Take It Easy Judge Award and Audience Award winners.

Judge Award Winners

Telling a story is no easy task.

But bringing it to life with animation, and meeting the stringent standards of our judges – that’s a whole new level of tough.

Without any further ado, here are our Judge Award winners in no particular order:

take it easy animation challenge AniZone

Angry Driver Luis

Yup, sometimes all you need to do to calm down is just suck on it.

Take it easy animation challenge AniZone

Loving Music Kevin D Cummings

Love the whole let-your hair-down groove.

Take it easy animation challenge AniZone

Take it Easy by David Patterson

It’s called adulting.

Audience Award Winners

And let’s not forget the Audience Award winners who actually won over our impossibly picky AniZone members who let’s just say have – ahem – “unusual” whims and fancies.

take it easy animation challenge anizone

Save some for me! by Eldon

I politely disagree. One can NEVER have enough ice cream.

take it easy animation challenge AniZone

Takeiteasy summer by Stephani B

Such Surreal. Very Mermaid. Must Swim.

take it easy animation challenge AniZone

#takeiteasy by nick.sorrels

That owl’s a hoot. Love it!

Congratulations to all 6 winners! You will each receive a USD 50 Amazon gift card and 6-month free access to Creativity 365.

Audience Comments Awards

Whether they are constructive criticism, mindless whining, or an endless stream-of-consciousness monologue, your comments mean the world to the artists on AniZone platform.

Because we’re constantly being bombarded with information, and it’s getting harder and harder, just to elicit a response – let alone a specific type of response.

Your comments let an artist know that someone’s actually consuming their work. And for many, that is a comforting thought.

Here are our hand-picked Audience Comments Award Winners

Animation Desk  Redeem Code: Salis, xJoannadrawsX

Adonit Mini Stylus: Ninon, Loudres

Kdan T-Shirt: Arianne, Loudres

Congratulations to all award winners! Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox because you’ll be hearing from us very soon. If you don’t receive our notification, please contact us .

Stay Tuned

Psst….we’ll be having more exciting animation contents soon! So if you’ve got the animation bug, or feel you can one-up our winning animators, it’s time to take action.

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