Productivity Tips From Kdan’s Managers

Imagine how great you feel when you clear your inbox, hit that last submit button, or cross off the final task of the day. What if you could get that satisfaction every day? Staying productive can be difficult, but trying new methods and figuring out what works best can help you (and your team) find a rhythm and maximize performance. 

We are always encouraging our teams to try different strategies to help us be more productive here at Kdan. We’ve collected tips from our managers to see what makes them most productive! Continue reading “Productivity Tips From Kdan’s Managers”

15 Best Productivity Tools For Startups

We’re more than familiar with Startup Culture here at Kdan. We were in your same situation just 10 short years ago! Our passion is helping you and your growing team unleash your creativity while maximizing productivity. We’re sharing our picks for the top-15 kinds of tools your business can use to build, grow, and flourish. Continue reading “15 Best Productivity Tools For Startups”

The New Age of Travel with Technology: She Said I Think I’ll Go to Boston

One of the most exciting things about summer is using stocked up vacation time to plan fun getaways to new places! Thanks to modern day technology traveling is now easier than ever. We are always connected with our smart devices, making it easy to just pack and go! Technology makes sure that we’re more organized, efficient, and prepared for our travels. Continue reading “The New Age of Travel with Technology: She Said I Think I’ll Go to Boston”

“Attention, Class!” – Learn New Ways to Be a Smarter Teacher with Creativity 365

A shout-out to all the great teachers out there! You do so many tremendous things every day to enrich the lives of students. And now we want to show our gratitude for all your hard work by sharing some ideas on the tools that can assist you in your school life. Whether you want to make your students’ learning process more interesting through the use of other methods of teaching, or simply seek for instruments to help you with your administrative tasks, take a look at our suggestions! Continue reading ““Attention, Class!” – Learn New Ways to Be a Smarter Teacher with Creativity 365”

Can Our Smart Devices and Applications Make Us Healthier?

Modern-day technology has led to important advances in the smart devices we use daily. It’s amazing to think about how these devices have shaped us. In honor of World Health Day, we want to talk about how smart devices can help us all lead healthier lives.  Who doesn’t want to become healthier?

Do what you love
Get outside, be active, and don’t forget to do what you love.
Continue reading “Can Our Smart Devices and Applications Make Us Healthier?”

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