Make Your Video Go Viral

Learn about the secret algorithms behind every viral video and the popular video editing techniques that are used across the internet.

There are certain video-editing techniques that should be on everyone’s radar. This is true whether you’re seeking fame and fortune, or simply a “LOL” from a friend.

So, what makes a video go viral in the first place? Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s trend manager, describes some of the characteristics of videos that make content creators famous. He suggests a few different things based on the data, but one that we can’t overlook is the importance of evoking a sense of belonging from the viewer.

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How It’s Done: Brand Development on Social Media

It’s no question that in today’s business world, having active social media accounts is more than just a way to chat with users. It’s become a necessary form of spreading information with which you can develop your brand and turn your followers into paying customers. By focusing on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, you can build your brand awareness better than ever.

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