How To Make A Digital Fashion Mood Board

Scrolling through social media today, you might notice your favorite fashion blogger or content creator using the term “mood board.” In fact, currently, #moodboard, #moodboardaesthetic, and other related hashtags have been used over 7 million times on Instagram and viewed over 400 million times on TikTok alone. Within the fashion realm of social media, some popular captions you might recognize are, “My 2022 moodboard” and “Moodboard Update.” Digital mood boards themselves are often posted alongside captions like, “Manifesting a life like this” or “Making my Pinterest boards a reality.” You can see that this trend is not going out of style soon, but what is a moodboard, why are they taking social media by storm, and why do content creators love to share them? 

Read on to learn all about fashion mood boards, and why creating a digital fashion mood board can be helpful in creating your own aesthetic.

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“Keeping it Real” in the Digital Era—New Tools for Traditional Art

Ignore the naysayers—traditional art is not dead. On the contrary, more artists are combining painting, sketching, and other traditional mediums with the Internet and digital tools. The results are spectacular. With animation and design apps that feature realistic brush strokes, artists can produce works with the feel of traditional mediums. Kdan Mobile is at the forefront of this movement. To show our support for the merging of traditional art and new technologies, below we introduce and tip our hats to artists who are “keeping it real” in the digital era.

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