5 Note-Taking Methods For College Students That Truly Work

Here are some of the best note-taking methods for students, including Cornell Notes, Bullet Journal, Mind Maps, and Charting Methods, and how to use them in NoteLedge

If you dread taking notes in class because you know you’ll never make sense out of your frantic scrawls later on, this article is for you.

Taking notes is not just an excellent prophylactic against sleeping in front of your teacher.t’s also a tried and true way to make friends and be the smart yet popular student whose school notes everyone wants to borrow.

On a more serious note, knowing how to take notes effectively and efficiently will not onOn a more serious note though, knowing how to take effective notes efficiently will not only improve your retention rates in school but make you a much smarter learner for life. Pair these note-taking methods with NoteLedge, and you’ll smash every learning curve thrown at you!

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How to Sign a PDF Document — Simplifying the Process With Valuable Tools

What are the steps for signing a PDF document within different operating systems and how can leveraging tools help learners simplify the process?

In the past, adding your signature to an official document involved printing out the document, signing and scanning it, and emailing it back to the intended recipient. Luckily, evolving technology has brought about a much simpler and faster way to do this. 

With the use of digital tools on the rise, we’re taking a closer look at how you can leverage advanced solutions, like the PDF Reader from Kdan Mobile, to streamline the PDF document signing processes moving forward. 

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How to Create an Awesome Video Portfolio

A guide for artists, animators, and videographers. Check out these inspiring video portfolio examples and follow the steps to make your own.

Are you applying to a company and want to showcase your experience? Are you an animation student wanting to produce a highlight reel of your work? Are you a corporate video producer looking to market your brand? If you said yes to any or all of these options, your pursuit can be aided by an impactful video portfolio.

Wordy descriptions have their place and are valuable, but video can be a much more powerful medium as you can connect with viewers on a more personal level. If you are serious about sharing your story, showcasing your work, or spreading your message, you’ll want to empower your cause with a video portfolio.

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25 Foxit Alternatives For PDF Reader Software

PDF reader software is essential for viewing and editing digital documents. Here are 25 popular Foxit alternatives for you to try.

The PDF file type has been around for almost as long as the World Wide Web.

We use PDFs all the time, so often that we take for granted that this file format was invented to solve a particular problem for us – the ability to view, share, and edit documents digitally.

But, there’s more to this handy file format that helps improve your digital workflow.

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Learning To Become a Better Version of Yourself: Digital Learning Platforms and Software

The trend of online learning is coming. You may easily grab knowledge with lower cost and more flexibility. Today, we invite four Kdan Mobile employees to share their learning experiences and powerful tools.

With the development of online learning platforms and software services, the cost of self-advancement, or independent learning, has been greatly reduced. Whether it is the individual study of languages, musical instruments, art forms, and more, the content choices are more diverse than ever. Such a trend also reflects the fact that learning is no longer done just for the sake of getting a job or a diploma but is also a process of self-exploration and self-realization.

In conjunction with Kdan Mobile’s back-to-school theme “Unleash Your Inner Talent,” beginning on August 15th, we invited four Kdan Mobile employees to share their learning experiences, digital learning strategies, and pocket lists of digital learning tools. Whether o missing those college days or still live that campus life, we hope you can re-discover the fun and passion of learning through their stories.

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