NoteLedge User Story: Incorporating NoteLedge Into the Daily Life of an Educator, Author and a Mother

“NoteLedge is my constant companion for capturing ideas for decorating and writing … [it] has allowed me the freedom to be more of a fearless writer”.

This week in this edition of User Story, we are featuring our latest int
erview with Errica Jones, a dedicated user of NoteLedge Ultimate from Texas, United States. The multi-talented and artistic Errica shares with us the multiple ways she uses NoteLedge in her daily life to record ideas as they “pop into [her] thought”.

“I am an educator, an author, a wife and a mother. My hobbies include designing and writing memoirs. I first discovered NoteLedge when I was looking for a fabulous and mobile place to journal, especially when I randomly get these light bulb moments, I need to jot down the idea as quickly as I can before it passes me”.

When Errica was asked what she loves about NoteLedge, she comments: “It is my favourite place for writing. I am able to jot things down long hand and also type in different fonts. NoteLedge has allowed me the freedom to be more of a fearless writer”.

Errica incorporates the use of NoteLedge in various aspects of her life. Besides noting down decorating and writing ideas, “I also use it as characters from my childhood call out, for jotting a list just before I pop into the grocery store”.

As a teacher, she often finds herself wanting to quickly write down any immediate feedbacks from her students during class, so she can use the reviews for future lesson planning. “I think NoteLedge is a brilliant platform for sharing and showcasing my students’ work in the classroom, as well as to record any great moments from class. I am able to snap a shot with my iPad, then import it directly onto NoteLedge and add comments”.


We send Errica our thanks and sincere appreciation for sharing with us a glimpse of her daily life!

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