Kdan Raised USD 16 Million in Series B Round. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Our team is beyond thrilled to share that we’ve completed a successful Series B round of fundraising that totaled USD 16 million.

Kdan Mobile CEO_Kenny Su

Our team is beyond thrilled to share that we’ve completed a successful Series B round of fundraising that totaled USD 16 million between four global investors: Dattoz Partners (South Korea), WI Harper Group (U.S.), Taiwania Capital (Taiwan), and Golden Asia Fund Mitsubishi UFJ Capital (Japan). As you can imagine, we’ve got big plans to continue growing our team and helping you work more efficiently. It’s also the time to reflect upon the progress we’ve made in the three years since completing our Series A round.

Continuing to Develop and Enable the Mobile Workforce

Work Smarter, Not Harder, with Document AI

One of the key areas in which our engineering team has been working is the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is a buzzword that seems to be popping up in nearly every conversation related to business or technology, but what does it mean? It can be (over) simplified to the idea of using machines to recognize patterns quicker and more effectively than humans can. This helps an increasingly mobile workforce make swift decisions based upon mountains of data that are processed in an instant.

Our document AI solutions extract and summarize key information from large-scale sources of unstructured content, empowering modern professionals to make better business decisions in less time.

Expanding Our Footprint to Grow Our Community

You may have noticed from our list of new investors that we’re focusing on making more connections in both Asia and the United States. We remain steadfastly committed to helping business professionals and creatives around the world create the best content they can, often while on the go, by introducing them to our different tools and services. Thanks to the ongoing support from our new investors, we plan to continue introducing our various solutions to new audiences and growing our community of users.

Continuing to Raise the Bar with Our Cloud-Based Solutions

While we’re proud of our cloud-based solutions, like DottedSign and the services that comprise Document 365 and Creativity 365, we’re never done pushing ourselves to think of new ways to enhance each solution’s capabilities. We want to help both individuals and enterprises improve productivity and unleash their creativity. We mentioned above our plan to continue growing the Kdan Team, and we’re confident that each newcomer will help us pursue this vision of creating a mobile workforce.

From Series A to Series B

Since our Series A fundraising round in 2018 through the raising of our Series B, we’ve grown a lot – both in terms of our team, its solutions, and, of course, the number of users supporting us along the way. We want to take this opportunity to recognize a few milestones we’ve reached since our Series A round to present day and to thank everyone for being part of the journey.

Growing the Kdan Community

We have lofty ambitions to use our Series B funding to help future members around the world leverage our solutions, but now is also time to acknowledge a few numbers of which we are particularly proud. Since raising our Series A round, our community has:

  • Grown to over 10 million members strong 
  • Processed over 1.2 billion documents per year
  • Surpassed over 200 million total downloads

Remote Signing When it Matters Most

Nobody can predict the future, but we’ve always known that the trend toward remote and hybrid employment would continue. We never anticipated the Covid-19 pandemic nor the way it necessitated that businesses find remote signing solutions to maintain operations, but our introduction of DottedSign in October of 2019 proved to be an invaluable expansion of our document technology. Our e-signature service, which is now used by over 300,000 members, has helped businesses sustain some semblance of normalcy by enabling the contract workflow to continue despite mandated work-from-home conditions that still remain in effect to this day in some countries.

DottedSign has garnered its share of formal recognition as well since its release, including its inclusion in “The best digital signing apps for iOS and Android” by Digital Trends.

Helping Larger-Scale Clients Leverage Our Solutions

We also recognized that our solutions are not only suited for individuals and small-mid-sized enterprises. Our team works with a number of larger organizations who expressed a need for our document technology with one twist – they wanted to make special adaptations so it would fit seamlessly within their existing technology stacks. It was with that special request in mind that we enlisted our engineering team’s help to develop our PDF SDK (software developer kit), PDF Converter SDK, and the DottedSign API (application programming interface). Both of these solutions enable in-house developers at large-scale enterprises to create solutions that meet their unique needs.

Growing the Kdan Family

Kenny and Kdan managers

We’re excited when we look back on the number of Kdan users we’ve been able to help over the years and of the new solutions we’ve brought to market. That’s all been made possible thanks to the unwavering support of our team, which has now grown to over 200 strong colleagues across our offices in Taiwan, Japan, China, and the U.S.

What’s Next for Kdan?

With all this excitement and talk of what’s to come, you may be wondering how you can stay connected. We encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn, where we regularly share company news alongside other helpful content; and to visit our website to check out the latest news and events.

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