Kdan Mobile Unveils New Logo and Website

Today, we are very excited to unveil the new Kdan Mobile logo and website . With the new freshened look based on various shades of green, we want to showcase the positive attitude and energy at Kdan Mobile!

The New Logo

The new logo is inspired by the ancient Chinese geometrical puzzle: the Tangram. It represents the diverse possibilities of creation capable with the use of simple shapes. The Tangram (七巧板), meaning ‘seven boards of skills’ in Chinese, consists of 7 geometric pieces of different shapes and sizes, which can be arranged to form a variety of new designs.

Logo evolutionThe Tangram pieces symbolize Kdan Mobile’s flagship apps and how the apps and service packs, as a whole, can create endless creative possibilities. Our new logo expresses how Kdan Mobile provides the basic building blocks for you to exercise your imagination so you can recreate original and unique masterpieces. At Kdan Mobile, we relish opportunities for collaboration as we believe it brings greater creativity and productivity.

New Color Scheme

We have also made a significant change to our color palette, focusing on the color green as it symbolizes growth and energy. We have chosen to use these shades of green: turquoise and lime green as our main colors for the new logo design and website. Turquoise represents strength of creativity and inspiration, whilst lime green is perceived as refreshing and uplifting.

Our New Website Design

image (2)

Besides the new logo, the Kdan Mobile website has also been freshened up. The newly revamped website boasts a modern, enticing design based on the new color scheme.

The new website offers quick and easy access to the essential information about Kdan Mobile apps, Kdan Cloud, the Creative Store as well as online and in-app sharing platforms. This way you can find the information you need immediately.

image (5)

The website is more mobile-friendly and interactive. The homepage features our company video as well as animations to encourage you to explore the site.

image (3)

The updated website goes live today and is located at the same address. So, we invite you to take a tour of the site and connect with us on social media to stay up to date on our news!

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Take a tour of our new website now.