Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 – Daz Yang

We have witnessed numerous creative animators participating in #iAniMagic2015 this year. Professional animators, amateurs, and people who are simply interested in hand-drawn animations have brought very exciting pieces to the competition.

Daz’s participating project “Party Time” caught the eyes of the judges and Animation Desk team, and won the 3rd place during iAniMagic2015 contest.

Today, the Animation Desk team is honored to invite a longtime user Daz Yang, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
to share her journey of creation with us. Daz has been working in the art industry for several years and has been producing her own animations. In her spare time, Daz enjoys the beauty of hand-drawn and stop-motion animations.


Daz loves the intuitive and natural hand-made feeling of Animation Desk, “It’s just like drawing on an actual piece of paper.”, she said. When speaking of her favorite Animation Desk features, Daz strongly recommended storyboard[feature]. “I found Animation Desk very useful when I was drawing a personal short animation storyboard. It can be used as a story planning app,” Daz explained, “I can directly browse all of the frames by clicking on the buttons at the lower left corner. I can also drag the frames by sequence. The app made it extremely convenient for me to conceptualize my film structure. I no longer need to put sticky notes on my wall, all I need is my tablet. Exporting my storyboard into PDF can’t be any easier. I am transitioning from using paper to draw storyboard into doing it digitally.”


The idea of “Party Time” was surprising. Daz went outside the box and transformed the Living Light Box into a button of joy. “I was struggling with what I should draw at first; the key frames were limiting my creativity. I first came up with something very constrained, a story inside the box, but that wasn’t what I wanted,” Daz continued, “Then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if it’s not a box, but a button that brings joy in life?’, so there goes the party!”


Daz took advantage of various Animation Desk functions to meticulously put every detail together in “Party Time”. She utilized multi-layers and onion skin skillfully in her project. “The layers and cut-and-paste functions saved me a lot of effort from having to draw the same objects over and over. I could place the parts that I would not use at the bottom layer, and then it would be very convenient for me to draw or revise from the top layer. Frame editing features allowed me to move objects without changing them, and onion skin gave me the ability to see several frames at once!”

For Daz, Animation Desk is more than just an animation app, it is also an indispensable tool for story and video conceptualization in her everyday life. “Animation Desk made animation creation convenient and possible on mobile devices. It is also useful for sketching out ideas and creating storyboards. You just need to draw it!”

Stay tuned and find out what our first runner up of #iAniMagic2015, Bermudy, has to say about his journey in animation creation. Follow us on Facebook and get more updates!

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