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Modern learning is tough. Many learners struggle to manage their time and focus on tasks due to a shorter attention span. According to a 2015 Microsoft study, the average attention span of a human dropped from 8 seconds to 12 seconds in 2000. That’s even less than a common household pet, the goldfish, which can focus for 9 seconds!

Microlearning, or learning from small chunks of content at a time, has become popular. It’s all about getting short bursts of learning in, usually with simple and narrow topics. People can learn quickly on their own time and learn with microlearning segments, which are easily accessible on mobile devices. For example, YouTube videos and podcasts are common microlearning resources.

Our all-new product, Inspod, allows you to take notes while streaming Podcast episodes and YouTube videos. Join the microlearning trend by checking out how Inspod could help improve your digital and mobile microlearning experiences. Take notes on your favorite podcast and YouTube shows!

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What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is an approach used by many to learn quick and digestible amounts of information in small chunks at the learners’ discretion and timeline. It is a form of learning that often focuses on narrow topics, which alleviates cognitive overload and may appear in many formats – from texts to multimedia. Some microlearning examples include talks, apps, games, infographics, social networks, and blogs.

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The concept of microlearning is based on a German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve theory on human memory. He stated that people usually lose 80% of what they learn within a month. Learners are much more likely to retain knowledge if it’s broken up into digestible pieces that they can revisit often.

Microlearning content has become increasingly accessible because of the popularity of mobile devices. Portable technology allows learners to start studying any time, anywhere, making it easier for those who may have busy schedules or overwhelming jobs to learn in a low-maintenance way. 

The Benefits of Microlearning

Needless to say, microlearning makes it much quicker and easier to consume content in short periods of time. The tactic allows for flexible learning, letting you enjoy casual lessons whenever you have some spare time. It can seamlessly fit into your daily workflow, making your day more productive.

Microlearning is also an effective approach to support corporate learning because the bite-sized training is more engaging and digestible for modern employees without disrupting their daily tasks. Also, it provides the freedom for learners to learn topics that they’re interested in at their own pace.

Not only is it quick, easy, and flexible, microlearning can actually improve learner engagement. Due to concise content and the freedom to choose topics, learners are more likely to be interested and focused on what they’re learning.

The human brain first stores any information in short-term memory, but if it is recalled again frequently, it may be converted into long-term memory. This approach can also improve knowledge retention by offering small pieces of content that can be reviewed regularly to help retain new knowledge.

Another benefit of microlearning is its accessibility and “mobile” nature. Microlearning is an example of mobile learning that’s made available on almost every single device. People can access microlearning segments on the go just by taking out their mobile phones.

To get started with all these microlearning benefits, establish your learning objectives upfront, develop your learning strategies based on your personal needs and at your pace, and choose suitable microlearning resources.

Popular Microlearning Examples: Podcasts and YouTube Videos

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Two common microlearning approaches are watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts. Concise episodes offer bite-sized knowledge for modern learners with shorter attention spans to learn faster. Students like this can be more engaged with content that is easy to fit into your daily schedule.

Microlearning with YouTube and podcasts is an effective strategy for individual learners to learn something new. According to Statista in 2019, 74% of the US podcast audience cited their main reason for listening to podcasts was to learn new things, on a monthly basis. 82% of the global YouTube audience watch videos that may help them learn new skills, at least once a month (YouTube, 2021). YouTube and podcasts provide millions of educational, how-to content on a variety of topics. Their format provides users with flexibility and accessibility. Small-sized chapters for reading and on-demand content for streaming can be accessed through mobile devices for low costs. 

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Video is another common and effective form of microlearning content because visual demonstrations assist your comprehension of complex topics. Fan favorite YouTube learning accounts include TED Talks, TED-Ed, and Khan Academy. On the other hand, podcasts are multi-tasking friendly; since these options only require listening, your hands and eyes will be free to work on other tasks, such as commuting to the office, doing chores around the house, or focusing on a hobby. Some popular educational podcasts include iHeartRadio’s “Stuff You Should Know,” and NPR’s “Planet Money.”

You may have a need to record key information that you acquire while streaming podcasts or YouTube videos. Read on to learn how Inspod is a perfect solution for you to take quick notes from any podcast or YouTube videos and streamline the whole learning process.

Capture Ideas and Help Your Microlearning with Inspod

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Imagine that you’re using your regular 20-minute commute to work to start microlearning.   You’re listening to your favorite podcast and suddenly inspiration strikes. What you decide to listen to could be a nugget of wisdom, an indispensable hack, or just something you want to write down later on. Switching between your podcast player and note-taking app to annotate may be troublesome, breaking your learning flow.

Now, there’s a more simple and clever way to take notes! Try Inspod to play YouTube or podcast episodes and take quick notes at the same time in one place, without breaking your concentration. Inspod connects everything you need to implement YouTube and podcast learning.

note-taking on podcasts and YouTube

Let’s take investment learning from a podcast show for example. Check out how Inspod can help you learn investment knowledge more efficiently in your commuting time.

1. Take Quick Notes as You Stream

As you play the Podcast episode: THE PERSONAL FINANCE PODCAST “13 things every stock market investor should know, you can quickly capture the 13 tips with timestamps, which are perfect for mobile learners! Along with the timestamps, there are abundant note-taking spaces to write your insights.

2. Easy to Recall Original Clips with Notes

As we mentioned before, you are more likely to retain digestible pieces of information that you can revisit often. Inspod captures timestamps along with your notes, making them “traceable”!

You can jump back to the corresponding moments in the episode by clicking on the timestamp. This feature allows you to replay the important information or quotes repeatedly over a period of time, which may enhance the long-term retention of captured knowledge in your continuous microlearning experience.

3. Manage and Review Notes

After you finish the investment notes, you can save and organize your notes by adding a topic tag like #invest. This helps categorize fragmented and small pieces of information on different topics that you’ve collected, and makes it easier to search and reference the topic-related notes later.

Notably, Inspod is the FIRST and ONLY in the market to support both podcasts and YouTube media views to help you collect and organize all the scattered ideas that you have captured from these two platforms. Inspod provides a simple learning management system for you to easily store, tag, find and reference the captured knowledge from streaming media when you need it.

Regardless if you are interested in developing new skills or hobbies, learning languages, gaining knowledge and soft skills in professional fields, or facilitating personal growth, Inspod is your best companion to capture good ideas in your daily microlearning time! We especially recommend using Inspod to take notes for language, cooking, or workout learning. You can practice these skills along with note-taking frequently.

Fit Effective Microlearning into Your Daily Life with Inspod!


As we’ve shared with you, microlearning is an effective learning method for busy modern people and only requires a tiny bit of your attention span. Now, you can start to set your microlearning objectives, and develop your microlearning strategies with the most accessible YouTube videos and trending podcast shows on a daily basis.

Throughout this quick process, you can use Inspod to quickly save the key points through the streaming contents and recap them often for better knowledge retention. Inspod can also streamline your knowledge acquisition process from discovering and marking the key information. You can also review and revisit content to absorb what you’ve acquired from streaming. 

You can use Inspod as a microlearning platform to support your continuous learning experience on YouTube videos and podcasts. Digest and retain your knowledge better by recalling with Inspod, and maximize the efficiency of microlearning!

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