15 Best Evernote Alternatives For Note-Taking In 2022

If you’re looking for an Evernote alternative, take a close look at 15 of the best note-taking apps to help you boost your productivity and creativity.

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Whether you’re a student, professional, or self-learner, note-taking is essential in your day-to-day activities. The convenience and efficiency of online note-taking have brought many productivity apps to popularity, with the top one being Evernote!

However, more and more users are looking for an alternative because of the rising price and missing features. That’s why we gathered a list of Evernote alternatives for you to explore the note-taking world.

Benefits Of Note-Taking Apps

Note-taking applications are usually put in the “productivity” category of the app store. They can be frequently used to take quick sticky notes, hand-written class notes, or lengthy meeting notes! Many apps also allow users to access their notes across platforms — whether on a web browser, desktop, Android, or Apple mobile device.

Note-taking apps often feature extensive pen options, which is perfect when you don’t have a pen and paper to jot down quick notes, like a grocery list or a personal trainer tracking progress. These apps may also have extensive paper style and formatting options, including attaching photos and voice recordings directly in a note, saving rich content and pages from the web, or adding a few bullet points.

Easy note organization and convenient options for sharing also give users additional features, such as utilizing a powerful search function to find notes easily and quickly and share them with others – which make it perfect for personal note-taking as well as document sharing across your entire team!

What Is Evernote?

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Source: Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps on the market today. The “suite” of tools is explicitly designed for note-taking and archiving notes. Let’s dig into some of the pros and cons of the basic features of this note-taking software.

Pros Of Evernote

  • Diversified formats: A “note can include traditional text, content from a webpage, a photo, a voice memo, or a handwritten note.
  • Integrated features: You can easily connect your other apps, including calendar apps, with Evernote.
  • Collaborative notes: Evernote makes document collaboration easy as unlimited users can work together by sharing notes with their entire team.
  • Integrated cloud storage: Evernote ensures you will never lose your notes again, and you can access your notes from mobile and desktop devices.
  • Organized platform: The organization of notebooks and files is practical and helpful in balancing project deadlines as well.
  • Task management software: Set key tasks, to-do lists, and durations for tasks and add notes to projects.

Cons Of Evernote

  • Limited features: The free version of Evernote is relatively limited in its features and usage.
  • Upgraded cost: Switching to a premium price plan of Evernote is costly.
  • Outdated interface: Evernote’s mobile app interface aesthetics are a bit dated.
  • Dated features: Some versions lack helpful features that were available in previous versions.

How To Choose Your Evernote Alternative

When considering the best alternative to Evernote for your needs, it can be helpful to consider the following features and ask yourself these questions:

  • Ease of use for individuals: Is the platform user-friendly? How sophisticated or technical is the interface?
  • Rich content support: Can I embed multimedia content such as audio notes and web pages into my notes? Do I have a wide variety of tools at hand to create detailed notes?
  • Real-time team collaboration tools for entire teams: How easily can I share a note with my teammates? Are they able to see my edits quickly and clearly?
  • Interaction tracking and task progress: Can I see how far along I am in the project?
  • Platform, devices, and integrations that are supported: Is the app available on mobile and desktop? How are changes saved? Can I integrate my Google Calendar?
  • Advanced features that they offer: Does the app show any stellar features, such as meeting templates, a powerful search function, different types of lists, or notes with password protection?
  • Customization capabilities: Am I able to set the preferences for my needs? Do I have access to a selection of beautiful themes?
  • Other customers’ reviews: What do other users have to say about the app and its features? Does it offer an intuitive, user-friendly desktop interface?
  • Pricing per user per month: How much does the app cost compared to free options? Is it worth the cost per month?

List Of  Top 15 Best Evernote Alternatives


NoteLedge is a digital notebook for creatives. It’s handy for designers, artists, and hobbyists wanting to create layered mood boards and artworks and share their ideas! NoteLedge is a note-taker app at heart with a traditional host of advanced note-taking features, such as typing, handwriting, and drawing.

NoteLedge offers rich text note-taking tools and editing options. You can make edits across desktop and mobile devices using powerful editing features, creating visual notes, and choosing from various formatting options (more than just a grocery list!).

You can use NoteLedge’s advanced features for adding multimedia content such as audio notes and Pinterest pins, as well as other web pages, and export your meeting notes to content-rich PDFs and slideshows.

NoteLedge is a strong product in the productivity app space and a solid alternative to Evernote.

The app’s available for Mac and Windows across Desktop and iOS and Android on mobile — best of all, it’s free to download.  Our paid plans include unlimited documents, creative tools, and beautiful themes, and cloud storage for your stunning visual notes. You can also automatically sync your files with Google Drive and other cloud storage.


  • Organize ideas in one place
  • Sketch and take visual notes
  • Share your work with ease

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Google Keep

Google Keep is Google’s free note-taking tool that works alongside Gmail and Google Docs. It also has a Google Chrome extension.. Since Google Keep works inside the Google ecosystem, it seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, Drive, Calendar, and more. As a result, it’s fast and easy to use across devices. You can even color-code your notes inside Google Keep and set up reminders for yourself!

One downside of Google Keep is that it doesn’t feature as many note-taking features as other apps. On the other hand, it is a simple app and plugin with no frills. Google Keep is a solid alternative to Evernote if you’re looking for a basic note-taking service.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is one of Evernote’s strongest competitors. The note-taking tool allows you to combine text, images, and drawings in one place that immediately syncs across several devices. OneNote is one of the products  in the Office 365 suite and works seamlessly with other Microsoft apps.

Besides basic features for note-taking, Microsoft OneNote features a potent advanced search function that can read text within your images in your notes! In addition, it allows you to choose from various colors, brushes, and functions to create beautiful notes, as well as the ability to record audio. You can also share and collaborate on notes with your entire team


Notion is a bit of a different app. Instead of just providing note-taking functions,  it offers unlimited pages and nested pages, tables, drag-and-drop editing, and connect with other apps using integrations and templates for easy setup.

The basic features Notion has includes the ability to add rich content such as videos and images. However, it can be challenging to figure out for the technically-illiterate folks. The app has a clean interface and lets you be as creative as you want in customizing your pages.

You can also use the Notion Web Clipper browser extension to add snippets from the web quickly. If you want to sync Notion with your Google Calendar, you can use an integrations platform such as Zapier to do this.

Notion is a good choice for entire teams to work together in one workspace since it offers real-time team collaboration tools and extra features.

Apple Notes

evernote alternative - Apple Note
Source: Apple support page

Apple Notes is a simple note-taking app that allows you to create notes with rich content, collaboration tracks, and checklists. Individual note features include easy-to-use tags, simple note and task creation, and folders to organize your notes. You can also use Apple Notes to make audio recordings, and you can share your notes via a link and email.

However, a downside to Apple Notes is that because it’s an Apple product it’s only available on iOS via the Apple App Store.

Bear Notes

evernote alternative - bear
Source: Bear Notes Homepage

Bear Notes is a simple markdown editor for individual users to take and organize their notes. The app showcases sophisticated formatting and powerful editing features with simple note-creation functions, making it a good option for writers who want to manage their thoughts – or simply to keep a digital grocery list!

Bear is a good alternative to Evernote as a stripped-down productivity app because you can migrate your notes from Evernote to Bear with only a few steps. For long-time Evernote users, this is truly a life-saving feature. 

Bear has many free features, but advanced features are only available by upgrading to Bear Pro. The app is only available for iOS devices via the Apple iStore.

Dropbox Paper

evernote alternative - Dropbox Paper
Source: Dropbox Media

Dropbox Paper is a free co-editing writing tool. Often considered an alternative to Google Docs, entire teams use Dropbox for cloud storage and file sharing. Dropbox Paper software includes tools for taking practical meeting notes and creating tasks and team documents. You can track threaded discussions with teammates to collaborate on documents more effectively.

The company also offers integration with calendar apps and innovative templates to help you streamline your work and productivity!


Monday is a vital team collaboration tool that includes many helpful templates and integrations (like calendar apps and Google Drive!). This software is built for teamwork. Monday makes it easy for teams to leave notes for each other rather than for personal note-taking, offering threaded discussions and additional features for keeping your team in the loop.

The app operates as a task management solution for teams. It has advanced coworking features such as viewing critical tasks and lists of project tasks, templates for product roadmaps, marketing plans, time tracking, threaded discussions, workflow management features, and more integrative functions.


ClickUp is an all-in-one tool for team collaboration, project management, whiteboarding, and productivity tracking. The app features note-taking options, to-do list functionalities, and other higher-level advanced features.

These additional features include document sharing, reporting, and time tracking. You can also use Clickup for scrum notes and sending reminders.

ClickUp integrates with Google Sheets so you can collaborate with your entire team on projects. It offers a desktop app, as well as apps for your mobile devices. ClickUp offers a free version, so if you’re unsure whether ClickUp is the right tool for you, you can start with their free plan.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is an elegant note-taking app. This notes app offers rich content features, such as Smart Cards to save content from the internet in your digital notebook. It also allows you to include audio and handwritten notes in a simple way. The good news is Zoho Notebook offers a free-forever version that is feature-rich, ad-free, and comes with secure sharing with collaborators.

This productivity app allows you to create a wide variety of notes via email using Zoho mail. Other handy features include the option to switch to a dark theme for easy reading and an advanced search function.


Joplin is a note-taking software that supports a wide variety of file types, such as PDF, image, video, and audio. In addition, it has higher-level note-taking capabilities, including advanced features such as audio recording and the ability to publish notes on the internet.

You can also share links to collaborate with anyone. If you want to add time-tracking capabilities to Joplin, you can install the TimeTagger plugin.

Joplin features a web clipper chrome extension that allows you to save web pages as notes. In general, it’s a highly customizable app with beautiful themes, plugins, and the ability to work across mobile devices with Joplin Cloud.


Notejoy allows users to easily add image galleries, upload documents like slide decks, create checklists, and collaborate using @mentions. It’s a collaborative and powerful note-taking app that works across all platforms and devices and integrates with popular business apps such as Slack and Hubspot. 

This note-taking software is especially well-suited for code syntax and technical teams that may enjoy visual notes and team documents. Notejoy also offers various themes for you to choose from to personalize your notebooks.


Notable is a markdown note-taking app. It features standard notes with split-view functionality, a search function, and useful notebook organization. You can import and export notes, take advantage of infinitely nestable tags, attach files to notes, and share links to notes with people. 

Notable can float directly on top of other apps and is an intuitive and user-friendly desktop interface. Not to mention, you can also add code blocks and copy-paste text directly from Notable.

Though there’s no browser-based version or mobile app, Notable is available as a desktop app.


Trello is a reputable team collaboration tool like Monday. However, it offers a feature-rich free-forever plan with multiple view options and task automation tools. You can create kanban lists, and the text-formatting features allow you to create notes with titles, bullet points, and checklists to make it easy to organize your content.

Teams can intuitively navigate Trello’s user-friendly interface by creating and tracking tasks, setting durations for functions, and integrating calendar apps with Trello. It also allows for threaded discussions to decrease the clutter of collaborative work and, of course, a handy search function to find tasks quickly and easily.


Nimbus Note is an advanced note-taking app that can be used to build a knowledge base, intranet, or client portal with flexible layout options. You can create interactive elements like buttons and spreadsheets, as well as import and embed various file types. In addition, Nimbus offers cloud storage, advanced search functions, email reminders, efficient organization, voice notes, and more.

Like Trello, Nimbus offers a feature-rich, free-forever plan across devices. In addition, its advanced features make it a great task management solution for marketing teams to track tasks in a streamlined way.

The Best Alternatives For Your Best Creativity 

There is a multitude of apps out there that are worthy alternatives to Evernote. Whether you’re looking for a co-editing notes app like Dropbox Paper, a team collaboration solution like Trello or Nimbus Note, or just a simple app to write your weekly shopping list on, this list has you covered. 

Some productivity apps, like Clickup, Notion, Monday, and Trello, may require more time to get used to than apps with simpler interfaces and less advanced features (an example is Google Keep). Other apps may be designed explicitly for a particular function; for instance, NoteLedge is an app made for designers and artists.

Is there a particular app that draws your attention? Try a note-taking app out today and be at the forefront of our ever-evolving digital world!

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