Eight Excellent Document Collaboration Tools You Should Know

Modern marketing teams work on countless documents over the course of an average day. This has historically led to version control issues and some serious headaches when it comes to harmonizing feedback.

Thankfully, cutting-edge document collaboration tools make it easier than ever for marketers to collaborate seamlessly with their internal and external colleagues. This makes marketers more efficient and boosts their overall results.

Ready to find the best document collaboration tools? Let’s take a closer look at the key features of these tools and some of the best platforms that you can take for a spin today.

What are the key features of document collaboration tools?

Document collaboration tools are often slightly unique in terms of the features that they offer, but they must offer the following key features:

Real-Time Collaboration

75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important,” but in today’s mobile world, it’s often difficult to achieve. Marketers rely on document collaboration tools, CRM software, team communication tools, and web conferencing tools to cooperate in real-time with their colleagues no matter where they are and sync the entire process.

Clear Version Control

A lack of collaboration between marketers can cause team members to work in silos on a number of document versions. This can cause serious headaches and miscommunication issues when it comes to sharing feedback and collating work. Document collaboration tools can help marketers overcome this challenge to save time and get better results.

Secure Storage

Marketing teams will often work on complex and high-stakes projects that need to be treated delicately. The best document collaboration platforms and additional software that provides you with security can offer cutting-edge security so marketers can safely and confidently collaborate remotely.

The Best Document Collaboration Tools

Ready to take a look at some of the best document collaboration tools that you can start to use today? Let’s get started.

1. Filestage


Filestage is a content review platform that makes it easy for teams to coordinate the review and approval process. Using the platform, marketers can quickly upload their content and share it with internal and external stakeholders to improve collaboration.

Those stakeholders are then able to leave in-context feedback by clicking directly on the collateral. This creates an automatic to-do list for the team and boosts transparency—putting an end to conflicting or repetitive feedback.

2. Markup


Markup is part of Kdan Mobile’s Creativity 365 suite. The tool is focused on helping teams work together and offers a host of document collaboration features like shared folders, the ability to create teams, and more.

The tool makes it simple for creative professionals to quickly designate new teams and start gathering, sharing, and analyzing documents. Those teams can quickly share folders, pictures, web clippings, and more.

3. Filecamp


Filecamp is a robust digital asset management platform that gives marketers the ability to upload, manage, and share various files from one easy-to-use spot that’s hosted in the cloud.

The platform is simple to use and it can be personalized with proprietary branding. Your digital asset library acts as a one-stop shop for people within your business to access the most recent and appropriate content when needed.

4. Slite


Slite gives professionals a simple way to structure their various documentation. A range of slick features lets marketers easily maintain a knowledge base, product documentation, employee onboarding materials, and meeting notes in one place.

The tool makes it possible for members of your team to edit in real-time and share their opinions on content. This makes your critical documentation a team effort and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

5. Venngage


Venngage helps marketing teams create attractive infographics that their audiences love. The Venngage editor makes it simple for marketers to use the power of templates to create rich infographics that contain clear charts and share knowledge.

It’s also possible for teams to collaborate on those designs in one centralized space. This puts an end to the days of conflicting feedback and unclear version control that impacts on your results.

6. Kdan Cloud

Kdan Cloud

Kdan Cloud is a collaborative workspace that helps fast-moving teams securely share documents or folders with groups and/or individuals. The team panel makes it simple for creative units to manage user access and securely share important links.

The tool also integrates with popular platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive to make it easier than ever before to manage files in one place. Teams can also export PDFs to Markup for advanced editing. The Kdan Cloud mobile app also gives users access anytime, anywhere.

7. ProofHub


ProofHub gives project managers ultimate control over teams and projects. The platform offers a suite of tools so teams can deliver results faster while driving accountability over the course of projects.

Those tools include things like task management, workflow creation, timesheet creation, dashboard examples, reporting, and much more. ProofHub also integrates with a legion of popular apps so that teams can augment their tech stack as they prefer.

8. Visme


Visme is a robust graphic design tool that helps creative teams to produce engaging presentations, infographics, and other stunning visuals. The platform bills itself as a versatile content creation tool that was made by designers for non-designers.

Visme provides creatives with many resources in one place. That includes thousands of templates, high-quality images and icons, and the ability to add rich media content to your designs.

Start Now! Improve Your Team’s Collaboration Today

The right tools can help you improve collaboration among your team. We hope this list helps introduce some of the best options available.

Is there a document collaboration tool that you use on a regular basis? We’d love to hear your recommendations and how you use these tools to improve your collaboration results.