Congratulations! Winners of iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Contest Announced

We want to first send a big thank you to the animators who participated in iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character and helped make it a real success. We had hundreds of fantastic submissions this year, which consequently made it a real challenge for our judges.

We are delighted to announce that the grand winner of this year’s animation competition is: Continue reading “Congratulations! Winners of iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Contest Announced”

Contextual Inquiry II: Identify the Potential Obstacles

In the previous blog Contextual Inquiry I, we have introduced the two most commonly used models of context inquiry for app designing at Kdan Mobile. The main objective of contextual inquiry is to gain an in-depth understanding of the process individuals undergo to accomplish a task through the observation of user behavior in their natural working environment. This week, we look into three other models: the Culture Model, the Artifact Model, and the Physical Model. These models, though traditionally not used much in app design, enable app developers to build better user interface and stronger interaction among users. Continue reading “Contextual Inquiry II: Identify the Potential Obstacles”

iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Goes Live

Welcome to the sixth annual animation contest of Animation Desk, iAniMagic2016! The contest is now officially live! This year we invite you to create your very own, unique animation character and share the story with us. Between September 15 and November 16, you can submit your work and have the chance to win great prizes including iPad Pro, Wacom Intuos Pro and Apple TV! Continue reading “iAniMagic2016: My Ani-Character Goes Live”

Tips to Beat those Back to School Blues

There are two types of students, those who can’t wait to rush back to school for the new semester and those who have a serious case of the back-to-school blues. If you’re part of the latter group, here are 5 tips that will help you get ready for the next school year. Continue reading “Tips to Beat those Back to School Blues”

Another Milestone: 20 Million Downloads Worldwide

App Downloads

You probably think that the North American and European markets still hold a significant lead in the market for mobile Apps. Well, the gap between the West and East is closing up quickly. While North Americans and Europeans still account for approximately 50% of App Store downloads, since 2012 downloads in the Asia Pacific region have witnessed a dramatic increase, with downloads from Taiwan, China, and Japan doubling from the previous year, and growing to occupy 20% of total App Store downloads. The remaining 30% of downloads are split between Africa, the Middle East, India, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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